Everyday Life with Shedding and Egg Laying
Monster Musume Episode 6 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 6
General Information
Series Monster Musume
Kanji 脱皮と産卵する日常
Rōmaji Dappi to Sanran Suru Nichijō
Air Date August 11, 2015
Adapted From 7, 14
Opening Highest Speed Fall in Love (最高速 Fall in Love Saikōsoku Fall in Love)
Ending Hey! Smith!!
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Miia finds herself in a predicament. She fails at cooking, and with her burnt hands, she asks her darling to peel her skin after she couldn't shed old skin. In the second story, a man who was pretending to document interspecies tried to film the gals who are harassed by his perverted questions. Kimihito knocks him out by tricking him with a fake egg during Papi's scene where she lays an egg.

List of Characters

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