Happy You Did Not Notice
Charlotte Ep 6 Title
Season 1, Episode 6
General Information
Series Charlotte
Air Date August 8, 2015
Opening Bravely You
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At school, the Helper points out someone in the condo has the ability, Collapse. Nao's assumptions hints to Yu that person is Ayumi. While Ayumi is bedridden with a fever, Yu, Nao, and Yusa visit her. Yu finds out Ayumi's classmates had got to her first.

That night, Ayumi teases Nao and Yu about their relationship. On the next day, Yu tells Ayumi to stay home out of concerns for her. However, Ayumi sneaks to school against Yu's advice. Nao alerts Yu that Ayumi had went to school. Meanwhile, a young orange haired gal rushes to get to the school. Unfortunately, Konishi (who was jealous of Ayumi taking Oikawa from her) attacks Ayumi with a paper cutter. This causes Ayumi to subconsciously use her ability which shatters the ground beneath her. Yu rushes to dig through the rubble. Then, a slab of rock falls on him.

After the credits, Helper is seen at the site of the rubble.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

The ending credits changed to a traditional black screen with scrolling text.

Temp Notes to put in character pages

  • Nomura is the class representative.
  • Oikawa is the young boy who has confessed his feelings for Ayumi.

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