The Castle of Madness
Chaika Season 2 Title Card 06
Season 2, Episode 6
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle
Kanji 狂気の城
Rōmaji Kyōki no shiro
Air Date November 12, 2014
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At the Hartgen province, a messenger informs his king about a letter from the nations of the Six Alliance. The messenger states that the alliance wants Hartgen to stop the tournament because of the inhumane killings of the participants and the reward, Gaz's remains. By the shore, Akari and Toru gather mollusks and fish for a barbecue. Guy appears out of nowhere. Chaika asks Guy about herself because she has doubts on what she is, a tool or not. Guy states he is here to inform them about Hartgen's tournament. He also lets them know about the other Chaika, hinting Red Chaika is heading there. Toru does not trust Guy since they do not know who Guy is working for. Fredrika gobbles up the shellfish along with shell much to Toru's surprise.

Back at the island with Viktor's lab remained, Nikolai and his group investigates the burnt remains of the tower. Then, the group notices the presence of Ursula and Cyril. Nicolai tells his group to stand out and asks Cyril about what had happened here. Vivi yells at them for comparing her to the White Chaika. Cyril informs them about a mysterious Gundo that voluntarily went with White Chaika's group. After Nicolai's group gets answers, Cyril and Ursula head back into the forest. Back at their ship, Matheus and Zita get a request to investigate the Hartgen tournament.

Meanwhile, Chaika wonders why is she gathering the remains. Toru acknowledges that they will keep going to get to the bottom of this mystery. Akari arrives with urchins and slaps an octopus on Toru's head much to Toru's dismay. At the Hartgen's castle, Red Chaika's group defeats their opponents and pass the qualifying round. One of the men hands them a red sash and informs them about the rules. Afterwards, Red Chaika tells David to not over exert himself. Elsewhere in the castle, some participants were fighting outside of the ring. Alberic walks by and cuts them down without any hesitation much to the soldiers' surprise. Near the Hartgen kingdom, Toru's group asks a man about the tournament. The man tells them not to go near the castle due to it being dangerous.

Near the borders of the castle town, Nicolai orders Matheus and Zita to interview the king to learn about his objective while he and Vivi enter the tournament, disguised as participants. In the forest, White Chaika conceals their vehicle, and she notes the Goeranson Castle Walls are hard to infiltrate. Chaika permits Fredrica and Niva's help. Niva tries to convince Chaika that he or she is a Gundo, not a human. In a meeting between King Hartgen, Hartgen tells Matheus and Zita that he will not cancel the tournament nor return the remains. In the tournament, Vivi and Nicolai defeat their opponents who acted strange. Meanwhile, Toru and Akari trick their opponents with Fredrica as a cat. Chaika knocks them out with her magic. In Alberic's room, Guy materializes and explains to Alberic that he was the one who saved Alberic from the blast by using the men as sacrificial shields.

Guy persuades Alberic to work for the king without giving him clear answers. With the sun setting, Red Chaika and Vivi notes that White Chaika will appear. Leonardo reports to Zita and Matheus about the Chaikas being participants in the tournament. Matheus notices the king's guards surrounding the vehicle. He tells Leonardo to hide. Later that night, White Chaika finds the location of the remains below ground. Outside, White Chaika finds Niva walking with Guy. Guy informs White Chaika that they have completed their task to bring Niva here.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Fredrika states the shellfish's shells are good for her armor's health.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items
  • The Burner
  • The Concealer
  • The Slugger
  • The Locator
  • Else
  • Gundo

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