Red and White
Chaika Title Card 06
Season 1, Episode 6
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Kanji 赤と白
Rōmaji Aka to Shiro to
Air Date May 14, 2014
Ending Kairaku Genri
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While White Chaika and Red Chaika's male companion agree to meet by the base of the waterfall to complete the trade with the Acura Siblings, Matheus uses his magic to control a flock of cockatrices in an attempt to capture the Chaikas. Both groups separate after eluding Leonardo and Matheus, respectively. Meanwhile, Alberic receives a message from his superior that the Council of the Six Nations require the help of the Klieman Organization to suppress a few farming villages. At the campsite, the Red Chaika asks Toru to work with her. Toru replies that fighting is what saboteur live for. Red Chaika offers him a chance to take on more battles. In town, David finds Akari, and the two set up a meeting at Perimeral's central plaza. Meanwhile, Fredrika asks Toru which Chaika will you choose. White Chaika bids David farewell while Red Chaika leaves Toru with scorn on her face. White Chaika points out that Toru isn't worried about her. Akari (Fredrika) teases Toru about being too shy. From a tower, Selma realizes she's targeting the wrong girl. Akari attacks Selma who escapes using a flashing light. Lumber falls on Akari trapping her a bit. Toru, Fredrika, and White Chaika leave the town. Fredrika find Toru interesting when he had chosen White Chaika.

Akari arrives back and puts White Chaika's butterfly. As they leave town, Toru assures Chaika that she will be the only Chaika whom he will work for. Out on the road, David and Red Chaika confront them. David offers them to work with them to retrieve the remains. When Toru asks Red Chaika about the fate of White Chaika, Red Chaika answers that two Chaikas are unnecessary. The two groups duke it out. Akari engages Selma while White Chaika assists Toru in his fight with Red Chaika and David. Using White Chaika's flashing light as a distraction, Toru overwhelms David and Red Chaika. With Red Chaika down, David quickly tosses a smoke bomb. The fight is over. Toru concludes that they have to plan their strategy with two forces tailing them. Red Chaika vows to finish this fight.

List of Characters


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Toru: "She's very trusting, and toally unguarded, yet she's also diligent and stubborn. I can't leave her alone. If I'm going to be needed, I want to work for the one who needs me more."

— Toru explaining why he is choosing White Chaika over Red Chaika


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