The Emperor's Fortune
Chaika Season 2 Title Card 05
Season 2, Episode 5
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle
Kanji 皇帝の遺産
Rōmaji Kōtei no isan
Air Date November 5, 2014
Opening Shikkoku wo Nuritsubuse
Ending Watashi wa Omae no Naka ni Iru
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Viktor orders the demi-humans to take the Chaikas to the treatment room for dissection and has Toru toss into the dungeon for Fayla food. Then, Viktor's mage and demi-humans push Ursula in. The mage states that Ursula's poor handling has caused the intruders to escaped. Viktor announces that both Ursula and Cyril, who defended Ursula, to be discarded like expendable tools. Viktor explains that after these two had contributed their cells for the mass production of demi-human clones, there are no more use for them.

In the treatment room, Red Chaika kicks away the demi-human from touching her. When the other demi-human tries to restrain Red Chaika, White Chaika grabs an object and throws at one of the demi-humans, Red Chaika kicks and knocks out the other demi-human. Red Chaika tosses the key to White Chaika and states that they are even. Red Chaika protests to White Chaika following her. White Chaika argues that they have to stick together. Near the cells, Toru knocks out the demi-human and frees himself from his cuffs.

Back inside Viktor's room, White Chaika asks Red Chaika about her thoughts on the revelation, Red Chaika refuses to accept it, deciding to make her own truth. Niva Lada, the Gundo humanoid, calls out to Chaika. White Chaika frees Niva Lada and cuts her finger. Niva Lada sucks the bleeding finger and mentions the startup factor has been initiated. Shortly afterwards, Viktor finds out the Chaikas are gone and has his men pull the alarm.

Outside, Akari and Fredrika busts into the underground facility and runs past David and Selma's cells. When David states that he hasn't seen White Chaika, Akari and Fredrika leaves them. David calls out that he will pay them double. Minutes later, Akari and Fredrika finds Chaika's Else and both David and Selma's weapon. Akari returns David and Selma's weapons as long as David promise to pay them double later. Elsewhere in the facility, Red Chaika has her group hide into a room full of Demi-humans and Fayla breeding tubes. Meanwhile, Akari and Fredrika run past a room that has Ursula and Cyril tied up. Cyril asks them for help in exchange, he will help them get off the island. Then, Red Chaika's group winds up getting trapped by the Demi-humans on all sides. In the room that hold Niva Lada, Viktor finds out Niva is missing.

When the Chaikas are overwhelmed, Toru jumps in to save them and drops a smoke bomb for a quick escape. Minutes later, Toru checks with the Chaikas, and he asks White Chaika about Niva. White Chaika states she cannot abandoned a confined girl. In the magical surveillance room, one of Viktor's men report a breach in the facility. Viktor orders all demi-humans and Fayla to be released in order to capture Niva Lada. Selma and David finds themselves in front of a unicorn pen that is opening. Cyril leads Akari's group and informs Akari that they have to destroy the control tower that has the demi-human and Fayla under control. After shutting the unicorn room, David and Selma knock out the surveillance mage. Akari's group manage to catch up to Toru's group out in the forest. Then, Selma and David join Toru's group. All of the members fight through the hordes of Fayla.

Cyril leads them to safe spot where he explains about the control tower. Ursula explains how the were brought to contribute cells and that Viktor had been disposing their kind one by one until it was only the two of them. While Toru's group engage the enemy, Toru asks Chaika to take out the tower with her long range magic and asks Akari to protect Chaika. Niva accompanies Chaika. Chaika's sniper attack didn't get through the tower's magical barriers. Niva Lada finishes analyzing the situation and fuses with Chaika's Else. Augmenting Chaika's magic, Chaika uses Niva Lada's powers to wipe out the tower. As a result, the Fayla army collapse. In his last moments, Viktor realizes that the Chaikas' arrival to the island was part of the emperor's plans.

With dawn approaching, Toru reasons with David who was about to fight. David's group decides to leave. Elsewhere, Fyodor, some men, and the king has Konrad investigate the tournament at Hartgen before they make their move due to suspicions of Hartgen kingdom's motives. At the beach, White Chaika mentions her memories are fake. Toru tells Chaika to take time to decide on what to do. Niva Lada states that the Chaikas exist to gather the remains.

List of Characters

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items
White Chaika
  • The Slugger
  • The Sniper
  • The Annihilator (Niva Lada)
  • Else
  • Niva Lada fused Else
Red Chaika
  • Unnamed Levitation Spell
  • Snake Blade
  • Gundo

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