The Pursuer and the Pursued
Chaika Title Card 05
Season 1, Episode 5
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Kanji 追う者追われる者
Rōmaji Ou Mono Owareru Mono
Air Date May 7, 2014
Ending Kairaku Genri
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Toru finds Chaika with some suspicious men and saves Chaika from the men. Fredrica transforms and jump on the men. He scolds her for being naive. Aftewards, Chaika feels bad for not helping Toru. Toru asks Fredrica if she knows the other heroes. He gets scratch by Fredrica (in cat form). Akari surprises Toru and Chaika with a lizard she caught. She is relieved that she had arrived on time to stop them. She also reveals that there are wanted posters of them.

Meanwhile, Albéric trains while Vivi waits with a towel and the right moment. Nicolai smiles at Vivi, knowing her plan. He and Zita cheers Vivi on. However, Matheus uses Vivi's towel to dry himself off without reading the mood. Albéric tries to shake off his indecision and thoughts of Chaika's group being a villain. He envies them for following their own path. Nicolai tells Albéric should start a family and settle down. Leonardo arrives with a report and states that Chaika's group was sighted Perimeral due to the success of the wanted posters. However, the group's features didn't match. As the day is about to end, Chaika's group rolls into a desolate ruin. Toru and Akari notice they are being watched. On the road, a young, hooded woman, Red Chaika, asks Chaika's group to surrender their belongs. Toru decides to confront hooded bandit himself. After throwing his blades at hooded bandit, hooded bandit dodges and uses her snake blade. Toru engages the hooded bandit and rips the hood off, revealing a Red Chaika.

When the wagon gets attack, David kidnaps White Chaika. As Akari tries to save White Chaika, Selma blasts Akari with her Gundo. Toru defeats Red Chaika and threatens to kill her. When Albéric's tank arrives in the distance, Selma fires a smoke round for her group to escape with White Chaika. Akari and Toru decides to retreat for now. Afterwards, Zita investigates the battle grounds. Matheus proposes that he and Leo can track down Chaika's group while Albéric's team can head to Perimeral. Elsewhere, Toru and Akari check Red Chaika for any concealed weapons. Akari notices Red Chaika has the same scar on her neck like White Chaika. The Acura group interrogates Red Chaika for her purpose and name. After calling her Stick over and over, Red Chaika finally gives in and reveal her name, Chaika Bohdan.

At the same time, David takes off White Chaika's clothes to see if she hiding concealed weapons. He teases White Chaika that he's not into women with small chests. He points to Selma's chest to explain a real woman looks like which has Selma hit David. At Acura's condition, Toru and Akari eat right in front of Red Chaika. Toru dangles meat in front of Red Chaika and tries to tease her a bit. Meanwhile, David treats White Chaika well. Selma notes that Chaikas' personalities are opposite. She informs White Chaika that there are other girls like her. Matheus and Leonardo spies on Matheus. David finds a message at the wagon. In the forest, Leonardo throws meat all over the ground while Matheus prepares his Gundo to control the Fayla.

Back over at Acura siblings' campfire, Red Chaika replies to Toru's question that White Chaika is a fake. Toru asks Red Chaika how many remains she found and her goals. Red Chaika explains her purpose to give her father a funeral and then kill all those had attacked and those who had abandoned her father. When Toru asks her how Red Chaika learn to fight, Red Chaika replies her memories are gone. Red Chaika feels a bug in her back. When Toru tries to help her, Red Chaika refuses to let Toru touch her. She calls him a pervert and points that he will stroke her body. Red Chaika demands him to remove her bindings. Akari rushes in to attack, confusing her brother. She reveals that Red Chaika's group took the letter.

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