School Live Title Card 02
Season 1, Episode 4
General Information
Series School-Live!
Kanji えんそく
Rōmaji Ensoku
Air Date July 30, 2015
Adapted From 7, 8
Opening Friend Shitai
Ending Harmonize Clover
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The story enters a flashback based on Megumi Sakura's point of view and their gang react to the situation where the school was overrun by zombies.

List of Characters

  • Yuki Takeya
  • Kurumi Ebisuzawa
  • Yūri Wakasa
  • Miki Naoki
  • Kei Shidō (Flashback)
  • Tarōmaru
  • Megumi Sakura (Delusion)

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • Miki makes her debut in Ch. 6 where balloons carrying Yuki's group's messages float over the mall.
  • The manga starts with the present time after the zombie outbreak while showing snippets of Miki's flashback of what happened with her and Kei. In this episode, it starts with a flashback of her and Kei going to the mall to shop where they meet Tarōmaru.
  • In the anime, Megu-nee is present and runs to the car with Yuki and Yūri.
  • In the manga, Tarōmaru isn't present.

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