The Writhing Island
Chaika Season 2 Title Card 04
Season 2, Episode 4
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle
Kanji 蠢く島
Rōmaji Ugomeku shima
Air Date October 29, 2014
Opening Shikkoku wo Nuritsubuse
Ending Watashi wa Omae no Naka ni Iru
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White Chaika and Fredrica are separated from each upon crashing into the forest from the sky. Out in sea, David and Red Chaika reunite with Selma who points out the fog was produced by magic to conceal the island. David feels the pain from hitting by a ship's fragment. Red Chaika's group levitates using Selma's magic up the cliffs. Nearby, Toru notes how magic is useful as he watches Red Chaika's group. Akari mentions if Toru didn't fight with White Chaika, they would far ahead of Red Chaika's group.

Out in the forest, Chaika confronts many Orthros. Despite using her flashing light to get away from the Orthros, she runs into a group of demi-humans. Meanwhile, Red Chaika's group also gets surrounded by demi-humans. Toru and Akari manage to avoid being seen by the demi-human soldiers. Deep underground in a facility, Chaika has her eyes on her father's fortune. Viktor wonders what's the point of these experiments after running into a wall without any progress. A demi-human reports to Viktor about the captured intruders and that he calls off a search for another group that had scaled the cliff side. When the demi-human calls off the search out of safety for his troops, Viktor orders the demi-human to resume the search. He reminds the demi-human that they are only tools to him. The male demi-human apologizes to Viktor and exits the room, and he grits his teeth out of anger over Viktor's racist attitude. In White Chaika's cell, Chaika asks a female demi-human, Ursula, about the island. Ursula does not know anything before she is ordered to feed the Fayla.

Outside of the hidden entrance to the facility, Toru sneaks into free Chaika. Out in the forest, Akari battles numerous Fayla, and then, she runs into Fredrika who kills a unicorn that was about to attack Akari. Toru arrives at Chaika's cell and frees her. Chaika apologizes to Toru who points out that he jumped the gun earlier. White Chaika informs Toru that her coffin is with Fredrika while her Gundo is confiscated. Along the way, Toru and Chaika winds up in a cave with many dead Fayla. A Kraken calls out to them that this area was for disposal of failed, fake Fayla that was mass produced by the humans. White Chaika realizes Layla had been here before when the Kraken mentions a Chaika who abandons her fate after learning the truth behind the Chaikas. White Chaika asks the Kraken about her identity. With its dying breath, the Kraken explains that Chaika is a key to unlock destiny to retrieve the remains of Emperor Gaz. Back at White Chaika's cell, Cyril and Ursula find White Chaika missing. Cyril assures Ursula who is worried about them getting punished that they will find the intruders.

After the Kraken had answered White Chaika's questions, Cyril and his group attack Toru and White Chaika. With White Chaika capture, Toru surrenders. When Cyril hears Toru addressing the girl as Chaika, he reports to Viktor. Viktor is intrigued by having two Chaikas arrive at their island. Elsewhere, Vivi's group listen to a man's story about the Gaz Empire, and they have the man drew what he had seen. The drawing appears to be floating fortresses. The group wonder how Gaz Empire had floating fortresses long before the other countries had them.

When Toru, White Chaika, and Red Chaika arrive, White Chaika spots a female humanoid creature opens her eyes. Then, she utter the word Chaika, shocking both Viktor and the others. Viktor is thrilled at this new progress. As Red Chaika states she is the emperor's daughter, Viktor laughs and mentions Emperor Gaz had no daughters. Chaikas consisted of orphan girls of the same age. These girls receive the memories of being Emperor Gaz's daughters. Then, these girls had a directive to gather Emperor Gaz's remains. Red Chaika refuses to believe this. For White Chaika, she realizes her memories are fake after hearing both Layla, Viktor, and Kraken's stories coming together. Viktor announces that he will remove parts of their brain to analyze them.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • In Raackean, Ursula means chaste flower. Chaika knows Raackean.
  • The island is a factory to mass produced Fayla with magic.
  • New Characters Introduced: Cyril and Ursula.
  • According to the Kraken, Fayla had access to magic long before the humans. The humans had imitate them to access magic. One man, Arthur Gaz, had revolutionized mankind's magic techniques with rapid development.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items
  • The Flasher
  • Else
  • Unnamed Levitation Spell
  • Gundo

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