The Dragoon's Wish
Chaika Title Card 04
Season 1, Episode 4
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Kanji ドラグーンの願い
Rōmaji Doragūn no Negai
Air Date April 30, 2014
Ending Kairaku Genri
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Dominica saves Toru from the Fayla and invites Toru's group into her mansion. Akari notices the mansion has not much security due to Dominica's powers. Chaika asks Acura siblings to ask Dominica for lodgings. When Dominica asks of Toru's relationship with Akari, Akari replies they are siblings who have fallen into a taboo, immoral love much to Toru's surprise. Dominica accepts Akari's forbidden love story. Toru explains they are siblings but not by blood. In Dominica's mansion, there are several statues and her portraits everywhere. After inspecting the kitchen, they stroll in the courtyard and sees a magic that projects Dominica's image. In the bedroom, Toru decides to ask Dominica for the remains after they cannot find it after their exploration of the mansion. Chaika does not want to resort to force.

In the bath, Chaika heats up the water with her magic spell, and as she sits in the bath, she contemplates about Toru's plans. A cat stares at her for a bit and exits the bath once Akari enters the bathroom. While Akari washes Chaika, she notices a scar around Chaika's neck. The next morning, the group eat breakfast that was cooked by Akari with Dominica. Toru converses with Dominica and asks if she could give them the remains of Emperor Gaz. Dominica materializes her sword while attempting to flinch Toru. Since Toru is unfazed, Dominica takes a liking to Toru's warrior spirit. Afterwards, Akari mopes due to Toru mentioning fulfilling Chaika's wishes and referring to Chaika as cherished. Toru explains to Akari that Chaika had given him a chance to test his skills in time of peace. Although Toru had explained his case, Akari still believes Toru is after Chaika and not her. Chaika also thinks Toru is confessing his feelings for her.

Later that night, Toru and Dominica are about to begin their challenge. Prior to the challenge, Toru states that Dominica isn't Dominica because she isn't surprised to see Chaika. As Toru and Akari battle Dominica, they see her healing wounds instantly. Dominica replies that to kill her is to aim towards her brain. Akari throws a needle to Dominica's neck without Dominica noticing it. In the courtyard, Toru destroys the magic projector and the statues after realizing fake Dominica's true identity. Then, Chaika is able to fire Intruder on Dominica, forcing Fredrika, the Dragoon, to reveal the form, Toru sought. Eventually, Fredrika succumbs to the poison that paralyzes her body. Chaika fires the Ripper spell which clips off Fredrika's wings. Toru jumps and stabs Fredrika in the head. The Dragoon falls in defeat, reverting back to Dominica.

Fredrika explains the end of war left them without a purpose. Her master, Dominica, died of illness. Fredrika feels alone since no one sought after her. She did not want to forget Dominica, the person who wanted her the most. Once Chaika retrieves her father's eyes, Fredrica changes into a young girl form and joins Toru's group. She bites Toru to heal his wounds. She vows to kill Toru one day.

List of Characters


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Toru: "I mean... Chaika gave me a goal to strive for. I thought I was just a washed-up saboteur, doomed to rot away for the rest of my life, never using the techniques I learned... Plus, I feel like I owe her."

— Toru's Explanation


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items
  • The Boiler
  • The Intruder
Toru Acura
  • Iron Blood Transformation

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