The Girl Who Kills Braves
Rokka Ep 3 Title
Season 1, Episode 3
General Information
Series Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-
Kanji 六花殺しの少女
Rōmaji Rokka-goroshi no shōjo
Air Date July 18, 2015
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Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers- Episode List


After Adlet manages to convince Flamie to follow him, the two journey to a fortress where it was ravaged by fiends. One of the surviving captains informs Adlet and Flamie about Maura's strategy, using the fog to seal off the peninsula. As Adlet and Flamie trek to the rendezvous point, Nachetanya and Goldov attack Flamie. Adlet subdues Goldov, and he begs Nachetanya and Flamie to stand down.

List of Characters

  • Adlet
  • Flamie
  • Nachetanya
  • Goldov

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