Plot Summary

After Tsubaki finishes his duties as hall monitor for the day, he stumbles upon Ueno and Oka kissing in an empty classroom. Ueno explains that they have been going out since first year, and would really appreciate it if Tsubaki kept this a secret from the rest of the class. Tsubaki guesses this is fair since the rest of the class doesn't know that he is going out with Urabe. But now, all Tsubaki can think about is kissing Urabe.

After school Urabe and Tsubaki stop by a park. Urabe says she wants to finish an assignment quickly, so Tsubaki joins her. Tsubaki tells her about Ueno and Oka. Urabe then asks Tsubaki if he wants to kiss. Tsubaki says yes, so Urabe takes out a test tube for Tsubaki to hold. Urabe stands up and does a rapid spinning pirouette, after which she blushes, takes the test tube, salivates into it, corks the tube and hands it to Tsubaki, telling him to lick the saliva before going to sleep. Tsubaki is a little dumbfounded as to what this has to do with kissing, but says nothing more as they finish their assignments. That night Tsubaki does as he is told and has a vivid dream where Urabe and Tsubaki kiss by exchanging a candy by mouth. In the dream, Tsubaki is upset because he wanted their first kiss to be when they are emotionally connected and not as a surprise.

After school Urabe asks Tsubaki again if he wants to kiss. Tsubaki, with his last night's dream in mind, says no and that they should wait until they are more connected before they have their first kiss. Urabe smiles and says she feels the same way. Tsubaki begins to obsess over what it will take for them to be more emotionally connected. During class cleaning, one of Tsubaki's classmates, Ogata, pulls Urabe aside and asks if she will go out with him. Urabe responded by telling him to wait one day, after which she will give her answer. After school on their way home again, Urabe relays this incident to Tsubaki. Tsubaki starts getting really worried that Urabe will ditch him for Ogata. Tsubaki offers to talk to Ogata tomorrow and clear things up, but Urabe refuses, saying this is her own problem since Ogata asked her out and doesn't want Tsubaki to get involved.

As a result of his worrying about Urabe's decision, Tsubaki doesn't get any sleep that night. The day is rather windy, as Urabe walks to school she takes care so that the wind doesn't flip her skirt. During lunch Urabe steps out of class and Ogata follows. They go behind the school and Urabe has Ogata close his eyes and taste her drool (which she delivers via her finger). She asks if Ogata feels anything different about his body. When Ogata says no, Urabe concludes that Ogata has no chance of being her boyfriend.

After school Tsubaki asks Urabe what happened with Ogata. Urabe tells him what happened and Tsubaki explains how worried he was. Urabe feeds him her drool (again, via her finger). Immediately after tasting her drool Tsubaki gets a nosebleed. Urabe takes out her panties from her pocket and hands them to Tsubaki, who takes it in his free hand (his other hand he is using to hold his nose). Urabe explains that the whole day she wasn't wearing panties. She wanted something to compare her bond with Ogata to the existing bond she has with Tsubaki (their drool bond). Urabe concludes that she only shares such a bond with Tsubaki and that he is her only boyfriend. Tsubaki tries to bear hug Urabe, Urabe dodges this and almost unleashes her scissors on him. Urabe settles for a gentle knock on the head and wipes Tsubaki's nose with her handkerchief. As they continue to walk home, Tsubaki thinks that even though Urabe is still pretty mysterious, he is alright that they haven't kissed yet.

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