Everyday Life Under Dangerous Circumstances
Monster Musume Episode 3 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 3
General Information
Series Monster Musume
Air Date July 21, 2015
Adapted From 5, 6
Opening Highest Speed Fall in Love (最高速 Fall in Love Saikōsoku Fall in Love)
Ending Hey! Smith!!
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Due to changes in the interspecies law, Ms. Smith's words has caused Miia, Centorea, and Papi to get into a frenzy in order to win over Kimihito's heart. To make matters worse, it's a full moon today.

List of Characters

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • Miia licking Kurusu's nipple was not shown in this episode. It was obstructed by his shirt.

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