The Harbor of Phantom Dreams Recollected
Chaika Season 2 Title Card 03
Season 2, Episode 3
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle
Kanji 迷夢覚えし港
Rōmaji Meimu oboeshi minato
Air Date October 22, 2014
Opening Shikkoku wo Nuritsubuse
Ending Watashi wa Omae no Naka ni Iru
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Toru's group arrive near the beach which marks the first time the group has seen a beach in their lives. Chaika notes that the seawater is salty as she tastes it. Then, a wave crashes on her as Toru is about to warn her. Chaika splashes water at Toru for laughing at her. Noticing Toru looks better when being wet, Akari joins Chaika in splashing water at Toru. Afterwards, Akari and Toru debrief with the group on their target, Clay Morgan who is armed with a spear. Chaika states that Claudia had mentioned a hidden island out in sea with her father's fortune. Toru insists that they have to gather the remains instead of going after a rumored island that may not exist.

In town, Toru's group find a long line in front Clay Morgan's mansion and finds out the individuals line up to entertain Clay Morgan who might reward them with money. The ventriloquist in front of Chaika group gets kicked out since he is the 3rd ventriloquist and that there will no more of these acts. When asked by the gentlemen, Akari steps up and lies about Toru's ability of impersonating a cockatrice while eating pasta through his nose. Impressed by Akari's lies of a unique act, the man allows Chaika's group to pass.

In front of Clay Morgan, he asks Toru to do the act that Akari had mentioned. Akari demands Toru to strip at knife point and reminds him that as a brother, he should honor his sister's wishes. Chaika asks Toru to the same. Clay laughs at the siblings comedic act and tells them to take the money. Toru asks Clay for the remains which ruins Clay's happy mood. When Chaika reveals herself, Clay is immediately frighten by Chaika appearance because she should be dead the whole time. Trembling with fear, Clay explains that Hartgen was the one who cut Chaika's head off back in the war. He takes out his spear and waves at them before running off like a madman. Toru tells Chaika to wait in the vehicle while he and Akari pursue Clay. When Fredrika arrives, Toru asks her to look after Chaika. In town, Toru and Akari asks the local about Clay's whereabouts, but they cannot find him. In front of the sea, Chaika gazes to find the island that houses her father's fortune. Then, her eyes wanders upon the dock, and she leaves Fredrika to get a ship. In a warehouse, Clay jumps and attacks Toru, and he mentions how the emperor was laughing as they stabbed him back then. Clay blames Toru for making him remember the bad memories of the war. Toru notes that Clay has been summoning entertainers to make him forget and possibly to ease his post-traumatic syndrome.

He asks Toru about the rumors of a dead girl searching for her father remains was true all along. Meanwhile, Chaika asks fisherman about the island and if they can loan her a ship, none of them comply due to the rumors. Back at the warehouse, Akari crashes through the roof and knocks Clay's spear, allowing Toru to subdue Clay. When Toru asks for the remains, Clay immediately informs them where he has hidden them as soon as he learns Toru is only after the remains. After digging out the box out of the well which holds Emperor Gaz's ears, Guy materializes behind Toru's group. Guy informs Toru to seek the island. Though, Toru does not accept the information from Guy. Instead, he plans to go after Stephan Hartgen, the leader of the punitive force.

Elsewhere, Hartgen asks Shin about the status on the remains. Shin explains the remains will arrive soon in Hartgen Principality with the arrival of White Chaika. Hartgen promises Irina and Arina that he will let them see the remains. Hartgen looks forward to Shin's confrontation with his family members, the Acura siblings. Toru finds Chaika, and the two argue over their next move. Chaika insists on finding the island to obtain her father's fortune while Toru reminds her to gather the remains which should be her primary objective. When Chaika states that she will find the fortunate alone, Toru takes the message as Chaika firing them. Toru bids Chaika farewell much to Chaika's sadness. Fredrica states that she only follow their group because she wants to fight Toru. Chaika requests Fredrica to take her to the island.

Later, Akari brings up unfortunate situations which Chaika might get herself into until Toru snaps out and returns to help Chaika. However, Chaika and Fredrica had left. Toru and Akari demands a boat from Clay Morgan, so they can go after Chaika. Red Chaika's group spots the Acura siblings and board their ship. Meanwhile, Chaika locates the island with her locator spell. When the fog sets in, Toru and Akari call out Red Chaika's group. Chaika rips through the island's barrier with her Commander spell. At the same time, Clay's ship gets broken in half by a nautilus (Kraken in Crunchyroll). After dragon-like creatures slices up Fredrica's wings, both Chaika and Fredrica fall towards the island.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Irina and Arina are twin daughters of Hartgen.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items Abilities
  • The Locator
  • The Commander
  • Else

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