Kill Your Cares
Akame ga Kill Title 03
Season 1, Episode 3
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 蟠(ワダカマリ)を斬る
Rōmaji Wadakamari o Kiru
Air Date July 20, 2014
Adapted From 4
Opening Skyreach
Ending Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta
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Out in the forest, Tatsumi and Night Raid are in pursuit of intruders who had discovered their hideout. Bulat demonstrates his Imperial Arm in front of Tatsumi. Near the river, Akame easily kills the men who drop their guard in front of her. Meanwhile, Mine spots her prey and allows herself to be spot by an enemy. When the enemy attacks Mine from behind, Sheele dispatches the man, giving Mine enough pinch to power her gun. Mine snipes and kills her target who was running away. Leone has finish her kill while Lubbock strangles a female enemy in a cave. In the woods, Tatsumi takes down his targets. Nearby, Bulat cuts down his opponents much to Tatsumi's amazement. He congrats Tatsumi for doing a good job.

Later that night, Tatsumi wonders about being an assassin, and as he looks at his sword, he recalls fond memories of Ieyasu and Sayo. The next day, Sheele finds Tatsumi waiting in the hallway. Najenda states that it's Tatsumi's job to wake Mine as part of the training. When Tatsumi opens Mine's room, he finds Mine in her undergarments. Mine starts blasting Tatsumi for being perverted. In town, Mine calls Tatsumi her minion and urges him to walk faster much to Tatsumi's annoyance. Walking past an alley, Tatsumi and Mine finds two men picking on a female refugee. Mine orders Tatsumi to scare off the intruders by cutting their belts. Afterwards, Tatsumi asks Mine if it's okay to stroll in broad daylight. Mine explains that only 4 of their members are seen and reported on wanted posters. Tatsumi finds Bulat's old looks on the wanted poster. He is amazed at how much Bulat had changed. Taking an adventure through town, Mine goes out shopping with Tatsumi. Mine steps on Tatsumi for complaining and reminds him that he is her subordinate. Tatsumi admits he is not experienced.

Then, a crowd starts forming in front of a public execution. Mine states that she will survive and be one of the winners. In the imperial palace, Emperor Makoto reads out the death sentence for Domestic Affairs Official Shoui. Shoui begs Emperor Makoto to listen to his people. However, Makoto still believes in Prime Minister Honest's words. Prime Minister Honest smiles and tells Shoui that he will take good care of his wife as Shoui is taken away.

Later that night, Najenda debriefs her team on the mission to assassinate Lokal who uses the minister's name to kidnap and beat women to death. Tatsumi accompanies Mine who prepares to snipe Lokal who comes out of the temple. Much to Tatsumi's surprise, Mine snipes Lokal successively without hurting any of the innocent bystanders. Leone and her group confront Lokal's guards. Mine explains to Tatsumi about her backstory.

She is a halfbreed, a native from the western tribes. Mine declares that she will never let anyone get discriminated. Despite her pure wishes, Mine laughs that when the revolution is over, she will live in a lap of luxury. Arriving at the cherry blossom tree, an enemy ambushes Tatsumi and Mine. Mine unleashes a volley of fire at the guard only to miss. Tatsumi attacks and drops his sword, so he can restrain the guard for Mine to shoot. Mine shoots her laser through the guard, instantly killing him. Tatsumi flicks Mine's forehead and yells at her for almost killing him. Mine bickers with him since she almost acknowledge him. In a dark alley, Zank decapitates two guards easily and looks forward to killing more people.

List of Characters

Points of Interest


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

  • Bulat: Incursio - Weapon: Neuntöte
  • Akame: Muramase
  • Mine: Pumpkin
  • Sheele: Ecstasy
  • Leone: Lionelle
  • Lubbock: Cross Tail

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • In the manga, right after Tatsumi accepts into the Night Raid, he and the group fight a group of bandits who infiltrated the hideout. The anime moves this scene to episode 3. In the anime, this is done after Tatsumi had completed his first mission against Ogre.
  • These following scenes are exclusive in the anime: Tatsumi barges in Mine's room when she's changing and Mine scaring bullies who harassed a little girl.
  • Only in the manga, Mine makes references to various manga series in the Gangan Joker magazine with her roulette of pain.

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