Kill the Authority
Akame ga Kill Title 02
Season 1, Episode 2
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 権力を斬る
Rōmaji Kenryoku o Kiru
Air Date July 13, 2014
Adapted From 2, 3
Opening Skyreach
Ending Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta
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Tatsumi recalls his childhood friends and their promises as he looks out near their graves with a melancholy, lonely face. Leone interrupts him after placing her ample bosom on top of his head. She asks Tatsumi whether he made a decision to join the Night Raid. Then, Leone drags Tatsumi to meet the members of her group. First up, he meets Sheele who informs Tatsumi that he would be killed for not joining them. Tatsumi sees her reading a book on how to cure being an airhead. Mine walks by, asking Leone why Tatsumi is here. She looks at Tatsumi's face and says he is a failure.

At the training grounds, Leone introduces Tatsumi to Bulat. Tatsumi is impressed by Bulat. Leone warns Tatsumi that Bulat is gay. At the lake, Leone finds Lubbock waiting to peek on Leone. By the river, Leone introduces Akame and Najenda. After Najenda punishes Leone for taking too long on the mission, Najenda asks Tatsumi to join them and reassures him that he won't be kill if he declined. When Tatsumi calls them assassins of justice once he learns their cause, everyone laughs at his naive ideals. Tatsumi joins the Night Raid as Najenda confirms his job will provide money for his home village.

Days later, Tatsumi cooks with Akame. Mine and her group depart for an emergency mission. The next day, Akame and Tatsumi go fishing for Koga Tuna. During lunch, Leone shares her newest job, the targets are Ogre and Gamal. She receives the request from a woman whose husband was framed and executed. With Ogre being guarded by many lackeys and staying close to the palace on break time, Leone volunteers since she's not on the wanted posters. Tatsumi steps up to take on the task despite Akame's warnings. Najenda allows Tatsumi to take on Ogre due to his determination while having Akame and Leone to assassinate Gamal. Leone directs Tatsumi to the location where Ogre drinks a lot. Later that night, Leone and Akame successively assassinate Gamal.

In the city, Tatsumi asks Ogre to speak with him in the alley after Ogre had finished his break. He begs Ogre to recruit him in the Imperial army. As Tatsumi pulls his sword, the two draw their blades. Tatsumi strikes and slice Ogre's abdomen. When Tatsumi turns his back, Ogre attacks him and refuses to be defeated by a brat. Ogre states that he won't tolerated being judged. When Ogre assumes the woman hired Tatsumi and plans to kill her family, Tatsumi cuts off Ogre's arms. In the air, Tatsumi slashes and kills Ogre. After the mission is over, Akame strips Tatsumi to inspect his body of scratches. She recalls a proud friend died of poisoning by not reporting he or she was scratched. Tatsumi apologizes to Akame. Najenda informs Tatsumi that he will be training with Mine.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Ieyasu and Sayo make another appearance in Tatsumi's memory.
  • The Revolutionary Army is located south of Imperial Capital. It employs assassination groups to take out the corrupted. It aims to create a new country.
  • Bulat's sexual orientation is revealed in this episode.
  • Akame's back story is revealed in this episode. Along with other children, Akame and her sister were bought by the Imperial Capital and forced into the assassin program. Najenda manages to convince Akame to join their side.
  • Kurome makes an appearance in Akame's flashback.
  • Seryu cameos as part of Ogre's squad.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Ieyasu, Tatsumi and Sayo: "We three swear that when we die, we'll die together! Yeah... We'll succeed in the capital and earn money! We're gonna save our village!"

— Ieyasu,Tatsumi, and Sayo's promise

Akame: "At this point, arrogance will only result in death."

— Akame's advice to Tatsumi


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • In the manga, right after Tatsumi accepts into the Night Raid, he and the group fight a group of bandits who infiltrated the hideout. The anime moves this scene to episode 3.
  • In the manga, Leone smells a venereal disease from the woman. In the anime, it's toned down to Leone assuming that the woman made the money by selling her body.

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