Wall: Assault on Stohess, Part 3
Attack on Titan Ep 25 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 25
General Information
Series Attack on Titan
Kanji 壁 ―ストヘス区急襲③―
Rōmaji Kabe -Sutohesu-ku Kyūshū (3)-
Alternative Translations Wall
Air Date September 28, 2013 (Japan), November 1, 2014 (USA)
Adapted From 33, 34, 35
Opening Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen
Ending great escape
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At a church, a priest recites god's words to his followers. Suddenly, Annie (as the Female Titan) crashes on the church, killing some of the followers in the process. Eren pursues Annie, who is running towards the wall. Meanwhile, Hanji discusses with Armin and Jean about Eren's abilities to defeat the Female Titan. Armin tells Jean that willpower isn't enough for Eren to overcome Annie. While the soldiers fumble around, Annie and Eren rampage through Stohess District, crushing anything in their path. Once Annie lures Eren in an open space, she takes on her martial art stance. When Eren attacks first, Annie hardens her elbow to block Eren's attack. Eren manages to grab and throw Annie.

Meanwhile, Mikasa starts to wake up after being knocked out while Marlow and Hitch are puzzled by Titans' presence in the district. Elsewhere, Nile continues to interrogate Erwin. Erwin tells Nile to help him capture the Female Titan because it will benefit all of humanity. Nile orders all his soldiers to help evacuate the residents.

Then Erwin tells Levi to sit this one out. In Eren's fight, Annie hardens her leg and attempts to sweep Eren off his feet. While Eren bites and grips Annie's leg, Annie furiously pounds Eren's head. Annie runs away, only to be chased down by an enraged Eren. Eren tackles Annie and brings her down, and he crushes Annie's face. After Annie kicks Eren, she attempts to climb the walls with her hardened fingers. Mikasa soars by and slices Annie's fingers off, and she lands on Annie's face, giving her the final push. As Annie falls, flashbacks of her father telling her to make the world her enemy streams in her head. While Annie is on the ground, Eren rips Annie's body apart. Hanji and the other are afraid that Eren might eat Annie. Though Eren only tears a bit of skin, revealing Annie.

Suddenly, steam erupts while Levi cuts out Eren from his Titan body. Afterwards, Eren wakes up to see Jean pounding his sword on Annie's crystal. Jean yells at Annie to come out until Levi stops him. Hanji orders everyone to wrap Annie up in wire and take her underground. Later on, Erwin speaks with district officials and states that they have chosen a lesser evil that had less casualties. Jean and Armin chat outside while Mikasa tends to Eren. Meanwhile, Erwin tells officials that they have made progress and will capture all of the Titans within the walls.

Somewhere in Rose Maria, Sasha and the rest are out horse backing.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Annie has tears on her cheeks when her secret exposes.
  • Eyecatch Information: In summary, a miner spent 20 years digging tunnels under Wall Sina only to hit the wall's foundation. When the miner tells his friend about his discover, the miner disappears one day along with his friend and the pit he dug underneath Wall Sina.
  • The ending credits is a compilation of season 1's clips.
  • After the credits, pieces of the wall fall off, revealing a Titan's face.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material.

  • In the manga, Mikasa is next to the damaged wall when it crumbles away and reveals a Titan's face. In the anime, this scene is shown after the ending credits and Mikasa isn't shown.

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