Akame ga Kill!
Akame ga Kill Title 24
Season 1, Episode 24
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji アカメが斬る!
Rōmaji Akame ga kiru!
Air Date December 14, 2014
Opening Liar Mask
Ending Tsuki Akari
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Akame ga Kill! Episode List


As Akame holds Tatsumi's lifeless body, Esdeath states that Tatsumi died because he's weak, but she feels something painful in her chest. When the Revolutionary Army tries to attack Esdeath, Esdeath freezes and instantly kills them, forming an ice barrier around the imperial palace area. Esdeath tells Akame that her hunt still continues. Akame refuses to let Esdeath live any longer. Najenda calls out for Akame's final mission.

In battle, Akame takes off her gauntlet to avoid getting her arm frozen by Esdeath's touch after the two warriors clash swords. Akame jumps and tries to slash at Esdeath's back, only to hit Esdeath's ice sword. Akame asks Esdeath why is she creating enemies. Esdeath replies that the winner or butcher will be the last one standing and asks Akame to be her subordinate. Akame refuses and resumes fighting while telling Esdeath that lives aren't meant to be trampled on. Before Esdeath could impale Akame with a ice pillar from the ground, Akame nearly blocks it with her sword. While Akame is in the air, Esdeath controls the surrounding ice wall to extend ice spears at Akame. After kicking down Akame, Esdeath forms a giant ice boulder to crush Akame. Akame rolls to dodge the attack, but she gets kick by Esdeath.

Stepping on Akame's stomach, Esdeath tells Akame to squirm like a pig. Akame forces Esdeath off of her, and then, she proceeds to do a minor cut on her neck with Murasame. Akame takes Murasame's curse inside her, every life that Mursame had taken. Akame states she will bear responsibility for them. Esdeath is amused by Akame's new ability. With Akame's newfound strength and agility, she pushes Esdeath to her limits. Akame manages to pin Esdeath down after an aerial fight. After her left arm was scratch by Murasame, Esdeath cuts off her left arm without any hesitation. She attacks Akame without any fear. She even throws her blood into Akame's eyes to get an opportunity to strike Akame. Akame prepares herself for a final strike since her new form will not last any longer. Esdeath throws her sword at Akame who dodges and attacks Esdeath from multiple angles.

As soon as Akame tries to kill Esdeath, Esdeath activates her hidden ability, Makahadoma, to freeze time. Esdeath finds out this "Akame" is an afterimage. Before she could find Akame, the ability wears off, and Esdeath realizes Akame is right above her. It's too late. Akame slices Esdeath from the chest down to her waist. She explains to Esdeath that she learned from Susanoo's battle which allowed her to beat Esdeath. After Akame finishes explaining where her strength comes from, Esdeath asks if Akame will let herself being dragged by otherss souls. With her last breath, Esdeath admits her defeat and walks over to Tatsumi's body. Despite Akame's protest, Esdeath embraces Tatsumi and freezes herself along with Tatsumi, shattering herself and Tatsumi into pieces. Akame notes that what Esdeath felt was exactly what she didn't understood. Najenda, Wave, and Run arrive to see Esdeath pass on.

Underground, Onest tries to escape, but he runs into Leone who digs and bursts out from the side of the tunnel. Pretending to be afraid and call for help, Honest uses a strange Imperial Arms, a ring on his finger, to destroy Leone's Imperial Arms. Onest takes out a gun and shoots Leone a few times in the abdomen. Leone punches Onest while getting shot by Onest multiple times. Leone bashes Onest skull into the ground, killing him. Afterwards, Leone meets with Akame and embraces Akame for the last time. She quickly bids Akame farewell and departs quickly as well. During the city's wide celebration of the revolutionary army's victory (which took later that night), Leone makes her presence known to some of the men at the slums. Shortly afterwards, she is found dead with a smile in the alley. The next day, Emperor Makoto asks Najenda to let him die with honor. Before he is decapitated by the guillotine, Makoto asks Najenda to build a peaceful kingdom. Outside the capital, Wave and Run pay their respects to Kurome as well as telling her that they will working hard to protect the new kingdom and its people. Run and Wave then look up to the skies to pay their respects to Esdeath. Wave jokes that Tatsumi would be running from Esdeath. In Tatsumi's village, the elders are grateful for the gold that Tatsumi, Sayo, and Ieyasu had worked hard for without knowing that their heroes are dead.

Meanwhile, Bols' family, Logue and her mother, are helping the citizens by serving food. Nearby, Akame holds Tatsumi's good luck charm. Then, Najenda arrives to talk with Akame about she doesn't know how long she will live. Holding Lubbock's headgear, Najenda states she will be working to rebuild the kingdom. Akame tells Najenda to place all the wrongdoings of the Revolutionary Army on her. She is grateful to Najenda for the fond memories before bidding Najenda, a final farewell.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • After the closing theme song, Akame is seen wandering the outskirts of the empire and running into enemies.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Esdeath's last moments with Tatsumi Esdeath: "Tatsumi, I wish that you had been beside me."

— Esdeath's Last Words

Leone and Akame's Last Hug Leone: "Ah, it's finally over! Night Raid's done, huh? Goodbye, my friend. Don't give me that look. I'll be able to see everyone now. There... That's nice a smile."

— Leone's Last Words to Akame


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Imperial Arms Moves Abilities
Esdeath Demon Extract Weiss Schnabel

Grau Horn Hagel Sprung

Akame Murasame Unnamed Hidden Ability

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image. 9While the anime is finished, the manga is currently ongoing as of this episode's airdate. 9Air, Luna, and Fal are seen in this episode during the celebration of the revolution. In the manga, they debut in a special chapter in volume 5. These three, young girls are slaughtered by men.

  • Logue and her mother (Bols' family) are seen helping and serving food to people. In the manga, these two are slain and raped by Wild Hunt.

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