Kill the Little Sister
Akame ga Kill Title 22
Season 1, Episode 22
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 妹を斬る
Rōmaji Imōto o Kiru
Air Date November 30, 2014
Opening Liar Mask
Ending Tsuki Akari
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Night Raid is at a loss of words after Mine and Susanoo's deaths. Najenda states that they have an advantage in taking down Budou despite losing Susanoo and Mine. Getting some time to herself, Najenda notes that Susanoo took his life instead of hers. She acknowledges Susanoo as her partner. Meanwhile, Tatsumi thinks about Mine as he holds her pink ribbon.

At the capital, Run tells Wave that this revolution will sweep in and confirms he was hoping this revolution will succeed to change this kingdom. He reveals he was working from the inside. Run asks Kurome what she would do, knowing she has little time to live. Kurome says she doesn't want freedom. Outside of the capital, Esdeath fights the Revolutionary Army. In a meeting, Honest assures Emperor Makoto that they have one last trump card. In town, Akame and Tatsumi seen the corpses tied to stakes. Akame picks up Kurome's message. Despite Tatsumi's protest, Akame wants to face Kurome alone because she is her sister and the only one to understand Kurome's wishes.

Later that night and at church, Akame and Kurome share memories of their past. Kurome wonders why Akame had left them and states she felt miserable. She announces that Akame will be hers. Meanwhile, Wave asks Run where Kurome had gone. Back at the church, Akame faces off with Kurome and her corpse puppets, Doya and Natala. Their battle awaken the giant, slumbering Danger Beast. In the nick of time, Natala pushes Kurome out of the way. Natala gets crushed by the giant. When Doya charges in, she gets crushed by the beast's hands. Akame teams up with Kurome to take down the beast. Kurome jumps in and cuts off wires that reveals the beast's face. Immediately, Akame slices the beast's face, killing it instantly. The sisters continue their battle. Kurome summons her corpse puppets which are easily dispatched by Akame.

Before Akame could deliver the final blow, Wave crashes in. As Wave charges at Akame, Tatsumi intercepts him. Kurome yells at Wave to stop. Tatsumi explains he is here, so that no one could not interfere with Akame's duel. Wave argues that they should stop this fight. Tatsumi explains that these sisters can't overcome their past peacefully. Kurome shares her last words with Wave, telling him she wished they could have been closer. During the last moments in the duel, Akame kills Kurome avenging Chelsea as much towards Wave's anguish. Wave wonders if he had done enough. Akame assures Wave that him being here was enough for Kurome. Wave asks Night Raid what are we fighting for. Akame tells Wave to carry on with a commitment to one's resolve. After Wave leaves with Kurome, Tatsumi consoles Akame who cries out over her sister's death.

The next day, Honest is impressed on Emperor Makoto's determination while Makoto stares at the giant mech.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • The user of the Belvark dies in a similar manner to the former user of Belvark, Daidara. Both are bisected vertically.
  • Akame's first kill was seen briefly. She was the spy who cooked for Akame in Akame ga Kill Zero.
  • Elite Seven and Terror Group of Akame ga Kill Zero had a cameo in this episode.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Kurome: "Wave... Thank you for coming. I wish we could've been closer in a different situation. I need this to deal with my regret from back then. So I can finally move on."

— Kurome's last words to Wave


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Imperial Arms
Akame Murasame
Kurome Yatsufusa
Wave Grand Chariot
Tatsumi Incursio

Manga & Anime Differences

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