Kill the Despair
Akame ga Kill Title 21
Season 1, Episode 21
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 絶望を斬る
Rōmaji Zetsubō o Kiru
Air Date November 23, 2014
Adapted From Ch. 53, 54

(loosely based)

Opening Liar Mask
Ending Tsuki Akari
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As Mine makes her way to save Tatsumi, Akame blocks her and informs her that she would help Mine. Akame argues that they are in this together. Leone joins in as well as Najenda. Najenda states that Tatsumi's Incursio is crucial during the final battles. In Tatsumi's cell, Esdeath asks Tatsumi to join her, and in exchange, she can grant Tatsumi, a pardon for his actions. When Tatsumi refuses, Esdeath cuts down the bars and embrace Tatsumi. She tells him that she is not asking him to betray his comrades. Tatsumi pushes Esdeath away after telling her, he cannot be with someone who loves destruction. Accepting Tatsumi's refusal to join, Esdeath states that she will be executing Tatsumi personally.

Run informs Wave that they will be standing guard during the public execution. Wave is shocked about Tatsumi's public execution. He does not understand why would someone kill someone they love. Kurome chimes in that she wants to do it herself like how she wants to kill her own sister. She feels the strands of her hair falling out and that she has little time to live. In the bookstore's hidden room, Najenda debriefs with her group on their plans, and then, she holds a moment of silence for Lubbock's death.

The next day and over at the stadium, Emperor Makoto gives a speech before the public execution of Tatsumi to rally and raise the morale and trust of the people in the empire. Honest exits to eat lunch along with Makoto following him. When Esdeath meets Tatsumi on the stadium grounds, Mine fires at Esdeath but misses a few times. Najenda and her group arrive on the air manta. After Najenda detonates Lubbock's bombs, Budo shocks the air manta. Leone backs up Mine against Budo while Najenda and Susanoo takes on Esdeath. Inside, Akame kills some men to get Tatsumi's Imperial Arm. Below ground, Esdeath engages both Susanoo and Najenda as soon as Esdeath asks for Susanoo's name. Above ground, Leone attempts to fight Budou in close combat while she tries to hold him down for Mine to shoot at Budou. However, Budou forms an electrical shield to protect him as well as paralyzing Leone in the process.

Mine allows herself to be blast by Budou in order too boost her Pumpkin's powers. Meanwhile, Akame has claim Incursio. Below ground, Esdeath freezes Susanoo, leaving Najenda no choice but to use a last resort. Mine gets blast again by Budou after attempting to counter Budou's attack. Budou resorts to using his hidden skill, Solid Shooter. Mine counters Budou's attack with her power, defeating Budou while destroying Pumpkin in the process. After Akame frees Tatsumi, Tatsumi dives to save Mine from her fall. Najenda finds out the operation is done and calls everyone to retreat. Susanoo waves his sword against Esdeath who was distracted by Tatsumi. As Najenda trigger more bombs and Susanoo's blade approaches Esdeath, Esdeath activates her hidden ability to freeze time and space. Esdeath stabs and freezes Susanoo much to Najenda and Susanoo's surprise. Esdeath crushes Susanoo's core. To her surprise, Susanoo begins to regenerate at the cost of Najenda's life force.

Susanoo slams Esdeath with all of his might. Najenda urges Tatsumi to retreat as Akame helps Najenda get on the Air Manta. Far from the capital, Mine asks Tatsumi to stop. Mine shares her last moments with Tatsumi and kisses him goodbye.

List of Characters

Points of Interest


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Mine: "You're a fool. I can't heal like Leone. I wanted to fight together till the end, but... You're a bad liar, Tatsumi. You're as mushy as usual. Stop crying. You're a man, aren't you? Hey... I'm glad I fell in love with you."

— Mine's Last Words


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Imperial Arms Moves Abilities
Mine Pumpkin
Budou Adramelech Solid Shooter
Esdeath Demon Extract Makahadoma
Najenda Magatama Manifestation

Mirror of Yata Ameno Murakumo Yasakani no Magatama

Leone Lionelle
Akame Murasame

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • In the manga during the Boricks Assassination arc, Najenda wants to stay behind and accept her death along with Susanoo. Tatsumi actually takes her with him. In the anime, Najenda gladly accepts Susanoo's sacrifice and leaves.
  • In the manga, Mine takes on both Esdeath and Budou. She enters the stadium by blasting the walls. Tatsumi joins Mine in the fight, and later on, Leone and Akame joined in.
  • Only in the manga, Tatsumi's Incursio evolved to a higher state during this battle.

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