Kill the Carnage
Akame ga Kill Title 20
Season 1, Episode 20
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 修羅を斬る
Rōmaji Shura o Kiru
Air Date November 16, 2014
Adapted From Ch. 52

(loosely based)

Opening Liar Mask
Ending Tsuki Akari
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In a meeting between Prime Minister Honest and his advisers, the advisers are worry about the rebel army reaching the capital. Budo assures them that he will take care of the rebels because it's his mission which was passed in his family for generations. Honest introduces a group led by his son who will uphold the public order. Syura notices Budo and praise his strength and tells Budo to leave it to him. However, Budo does not seem impress and decides to sniff out some rats.

Meanwhile, Wave notices the place is more emptier after the death of their comrades while Kurome cleans her sword. Run arrives with lunch for his teammates, and he informs Wave that there is a new police force. Wave wonders why aren't they fighting on the front lines with Esdeath. Then, Kurome collapses in front of Wave and Run after asking for seconds. Elsewhere in the capital, Lubbock and Tatsumi observes the soldiers marching out of the capital. Lubbock notices it's almost time to meet the resistance army. Deep underground, Mine and Leone map the layout of the sewers. Leone asks Mine about her and Tatsumi's relationship much to Mine's embarrassment. Leone teases Mine that she will snatch up Tatsumi. At a secluded location deep in the forest, Najenda receives report that all communications with the western tribes have been lost. She gives Akame and Susanoo the orders to kill the guards once they infiltrate the palace.

Lubbock Dreams About Proposing to Najenda

Lubbock dreams about proposing to Najenda.

In the capital, Lubbock shares with Tatsumi of his goals after the revolution, opening and expanding the bookstore. Then, he will propose to Najenda. He asks Tatsumi about Mine and if he had kissed Mine. A palace maid walks by and directs Tatsumi and Lubbock inside the Imperial Palace. She informs them that her father and mother have been incarcerated after her father being framed for treason. She leads them to a warehouse where no one answered. Noticing the blood spilling beneath the door, Lubbock opens the door and finds out everyone is killed. Suddenly, one of the corpse explodes, blowing up the warehouse. Shura and his men surround Tatsumi's group. Shura recognizes Tatsumi's face when he first teleport Tatsumi and Esdeath to that island. Before Tatsumi could charge in, Budo crashes in front of Tatsumi. He punches Tatsumi who attempts to block with his sword. Tatsumi gets sent flying.

Once Tatsumi dons Incursio, Lubbock runs to assist Tatsumi, but he gets interrupted by Shura. Shura tells his men not to butt into his fight. In the western region, Esdeath finishes crushing the western tribes rebellion and orders her forces to return home to the capital. In Lubbock's fight, Shura demonstrates his Imperial Arms' power, and then, he injects himself with drugs. With teleportation marks all over the palace, Shura easily teleports near Lubbock in the air. Lubbock realizes Shura had marked even the air around the palace. Nearby, Tatsumi relies on his agility but cannot land hits on Budou. Budou asks for Tatsumi's name before summoning a devastating shock wave that stuns Tatsumi who charged in. Being caught off guard by Tatsumi's defeat, Lubbock gets grabbed by the palace maid. Shura slits the palace maid's throat for interfering in his fight. Shura boasts that everything is his play toy. While Shura boasts, Lubbock cuts off Shura's right hand off. Lubbock reveals that he had place wires everywhere.

From behind, the palace maid stabs Lubbock in the back before asking Shura to free her parents. Once the maid dies, Shura laughs and reveals that the maid's parents a long time ago. Then, Shura reveals his hidden ability and teleports Lubbock into the abyss. Unbeknownst to Shura, Lubbock had threads around Shura's dismembered arm and reels in Shura in. Before Shura can escape, Lubbock throws his lance into Shura's chest, killing him by crushing Shura's heart. Teleporting high in the sky, Lubbock recalls his fondest memories of Night Raid. The last person that came to his mind is Najenda as Lubbock apologizes to her. Lubbock's life ends as he falls on top of multiple spears right in front of Tatsumi.

Later, Budou informs Honest that his son has been killed. Honest weeps for his son and then, regains his composure, mentioning his son was able to take out one of the Night Raid members. Not holding any sympathy for his son's death. Budou states that Tatsumi is imprisoned. Honest wonders what horrible things he would do. Esdeath arrives and requests Honest to allow her to personally execute Tatsumi. Najenda and her group finds out that Tatsumi has been sentenced to execution.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Crunchyroll's names: Shura, Shambhala, and Budou.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Shura: "I can't die here. I need the throne, so I can change this boring world! Crap, I can't... In a place like this... I was supposed to..."

— Shura's Last Words


Lubbock: "We've been through a lot, Cross Tail... Miss Najenda, I'm sorry. It seems like this is it for me... I'll leave the rest to you, Tatsumi."

— Lubbock's Last Words


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Weapons Moves
Tatsumi Incursio


Budou Thunder God's Rage
Lubbock Cross Tails
Shura Shambala
Esdeath Demon Extract

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • This is loosely based on chapter 52, Kill the Carnage, since the results of the battle is same in the manga. The manga had the battle set in a different place with different circumstances.
  • In the manga, Shura teleports Tatsumi and Lubbock into the palace where Esdeath, Wild Hunt, and Budoh engage them in battle. Both Lubbock and Tatsumi were captured for torturing. While Esdeath had Tatsumi, Shura tortures Lubbock in order to break him and get information. Lubbock kills Shura (with strings in his mouth) after Shura agrees to free him from his cuffs, believing Lubbock will point out to the Night Raid's base.
  • The anime has skip the Wild Hunt arc and the atrocities that Wild Hunt has committed. During this arc, Run of the Jaegers, is killed in action when trying to avenge the children's death whom he had taught. Also, Bols' family is murdered by Shura and Wild Hunt which pushes Wave to engage Shura in a fist match.


For the manga, the survivors of Night Raid are Tatsumi, Leone, Mine, Najenda, and Akame. For the Jagers, Wave, Run, and Esdeath are alive.

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