The Princess Who Gathers the Remains
Chaika Season 2 Title Card 01
Season 2, Episode 1
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Kanji 遺体あつめる皇女
Rōmaji Itai Atsumeru Kōjo
Air Date October 8, 2014
Opening Shikkoku wo Nuritsubuse
Ending Watashi wa Omae no Naka ni Iru
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During the war that took place before the restoration period, Emperor Gaz's forces engage with the enemies. One of Gaz's followers receives orders from Emperor Gaz to carry by producing tools with the aid of a research center in secrecy. Emperor Gaz informs his follower that he will die soon. 5 years ago, the eight heroes from the alliance of the six nations eliminate Emperor Gaz. The 300 year war had ended.

While Konrad attends a meeting about Ricardo Gavarni's plot with the assistance of Blue Chaika, White Chaika and her trio are locked into battle elsewhere in the country. Konrad debriefs everyone with his report on Ricardo Gavarni. In his report, he informs that Chaika girls are appearing three years after the war with the purpose of retrieving the remains of Emperor Gaz. Claudia questions if Chaika is the daughter of Emperor Gaz. She interrupts Chaika's attack with her move due to a shorter incantation spell. Before Chaika can use her Buster spell, the young woman nullifies Chaika's spell with her Natow spell. Nearby, Akari and Toru activate their Saboteur's Iron-Blood Transformation as they lure the fighters out of the forest.

After Toru and Akari had finished their battle, Claudia defeats Chaika. Claudia tends to Chaika and notes one win and one loss which is a tie. Chaika looks forward to another rematch. During lunchtime, Chaika's group eat some of the grapes while Claudia is working with the men on the wine samples. One of her men informs Chaika's group that Claudia had offer the soldiers jobs after the war. Claudia states that she proposed the fight, and after she tells her men to harvest the south vineyard, she arranges another match with a time limit for tomorrow. She asks Chaika what she would do with the remains. Chaika replies that she will carry a funeral, and she asks Claudia about what her father was like. Claudia says she didn't see the late emperor since she was treating an injured comrade. Claudia suggests Chaika to come up with shorter incantations.

Later that night, Toru proposes to come up with a plan while Akari pushes her bed to connect with Toru's bed. When Akari insists Toru sleep next to her, Toru tries to throw a pillow at Akari, but he ends up hitting Chaika. Chaika states that shorter incantations were part of experience and that Claudia interrupts her spells. Toru and Akari notes that they have to buy time. Fredrika arrives and insists on them accepting her help by promoting Toru to Dragoon Cavalier. Chaika did not take up Fredrika's offer since she wants to win fair and square. Toru asks Fredrika if she knows Claudia's weakness. Fredrika replies that she doesn't know since she never fought against Claudia. Outside, Chaika preps her Gundo for practice. She reads several spells and tries them for a shorter incantation. Nearby, a man, possibly Shin, is watching the two practice.

Meanwhile, Matheus and his group inform Konrad on what happened to Alberic during the battle of Soara. Konrad had looked into Vivi's past which is unclear since she was an orphan taken in by a noble family as a guard. He appoints Nikolai as the leader of the group and asks them to continue the investigation of Chaika. Nikolai asks Konrad to let them use Gillette's name for the team. In the courtyard with a fountain, Guy appears mysteriously in front of Vivi and notes that Vivi only awakens halfway as Chaika. Guy reminds Vivi of her role before disappearing without a trace. Zita arrives to pick up Vivi who is shocked as she repeats that she is not Chaika.

Out on the battlefield, Chaika and her team begin their rematch with Claudia. Akari and Toru engage Claudia while Chaika preps her incantations. When Akari tosses an explosive, Claudia quickly neutralize Akari's bomb with Shtola spell. Before Chaika can use her Strays spell, Claudia blasts Chaika.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Alberic only appears in a flashback.
  • Shtola can contain explosion.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items Abilities
  • The Overwarming
  • The Heavy Wind
  • The Buster
  • The Strays
  • Else
Claudia Dodge
  • The Tornado
  • The Natow
  • The Blow
  • The Shtola
  • Jentol, winsica
Toru Acura Iron-Blood Transformation
Akari Acura Iron-Blood Transformation

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