The Girl who Bears the Coffin
Chaika Title Card 01
Season 1, Episode 1
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Kanji 棺かつぐ少女
Rōmaji Hitsugi Katsugu Shōjo
Air Date April 9, 2014
Ending Kairaku Genri
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A mysterious being talks about the taboo emperor, Arthur Gaz, and his daughter who can decide fate, Chaika. The mysterious being refers to Chaika as a tool for that purpose.

In the forest, Toru cuts down bushes in search of money and finds Chaika lurking in the bushes. Chaika tells Toru that he did not see her and that she is going to Delsorant Town. Toru notes that Chaika is lost. Toru promises that he will take Chaika to the town if she buys him breakfast in return. a Unicorn appears deep in the woods and begins charging towards Toru and Chaika. Toru has Chaika jump down a cliff and use the coffin as a boat down the river. Upon reaching the rocky shore, Toru gives up and says he's incompetent. Chaika opens her coffin and takes out her gundo. She asks Toru to buy her some time while she prepares her magic technique. Toru utters a chant for his iron-blood transformation. While he engages the unicorn, he drags into the water. The Unicorn jumps out of the water. Toru holds onto the monster and falls down after stabbing it multiple times. Chaika shoots the Unicorn, cutting it in half. Chaika praises Toru and asks the young lad for his name.

Afterwards, a monk finds his Unicorn slayed. At the restaurant, Akari finds her brother eating breakfast with young girl instead of looking for herbs. She attacks her young brother with a small hammer and complains that she has been working hard making money while her brother is loafing around. Moments later, the owner scolds Toru for making Chaika pay the damages and the food while being a good for nothing for her sister. Chaika asks the saboteur siblings if she can hire them. Meanwhile, Robert Abarth meets with Albéric Gillette and his group. Albéric asks Robert to give him the article Robert acquired in the battle of the Imperial Capital of the Gaz Empire. When Albéric does not explain his reason, Robert asks his guests to leave.

In a cabin, Chaika debriefs the saboteur siblings about their plans to seize an important thing in Robert Abarth's mansion. Meanwhile, Albéric, the monk, and the group speculate the young girl will be after the article. Albéric instructs his men to keep an eye out. As Toru and Akira break into the mansion, the two siblings have Chaika ride in her coffin. After getting inside, Chaika uses her Gundo to sense the article. While Akira and Chaika search together, Toru wanders around and confronts Robert who attacks Toru. Once Chaika and Akira arrive, Robert is intimidated with fear at the sight of Chaika. Robert wonders why Chaika is still alive.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Chaika's Gundo is called Else.
  • The Unicorn is one of the Fayla.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items
  • The Ripper
  • The Burner
  • The Locator
  • Else

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