Aho Girl Coming!
Season 1, Episode 1
General Information
Series Aho Girl
Kanji 来たぞ!アホガール
Rōmaji Kitazo! Aho gāru
Air Date July 4, 2017
Opening Zenryoku☆Summer!
Ending Odore! Kyūkyoku Tetsugaku
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Yoshiko's antics bother Akuru to the point that he beats her down. Over at Yoshiko's residence, Yoshie pleads Akuru to take care of her and hopes he goes out with her daughter. Akuru declines as he states humans don't fall in love with monkeys and instead proposes they make her commit a misdemeanor which will put her into jail.

On the next day of class, Yoshiko greets Sayaka and calls her cute. Sayaka tells Yoshiko is cuter than her. Akuru asks Sayaka not to encourage her ego. When Akuru compliments that Sayaka is cuter, Yoshiko exclaims how Akuru is hitting on Sayaka and cheating on her. Akuru slams Yoshiko to shut her up and to quell any misunderstandings. Later on, Sayaka befriends Akuru when Yoshiko steals Akuru's phone to reveal he has no friends because of how short tempered Akuru is.

At home, Yoshiko tries to paste her face on some gravure model magazine to tempt Akuru to fall in love with her. However, it fails. As she brings the magazine with her, Fuuki Iinchou catches them at the school gate. Much to Akuru's annoyance, Yoshiko points that the magazine belongs to Akuru. Then, Yoshiko glances upon Fuuki Iinchou's chest and tries to fondle her out of curiosity. When Fuuki Iinchou refuses, Yoshiko tries to pay her with 10 Yen and then a banana. Confused by Yoshiko's words, Yoshiko assures Fuuki Iinchou that she just meant a banana. She scares Fuuki with a whisper of penis and quickly gropes Fuuki once Fuuki loses composure and tries to close her ears. Akuru knocks out Yoshiko and helps Fuuki. As a result, Fuuki falls in love with Akuru.

List of Characters

  • Yoshiko Hanabatake
  • Akuru Akutsu
  • Sayaka Sumino
  • Fuuki Iinchou
  • Yoshie Hanabatake

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