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Kill the Demon
Akame ga Kill Title 18
Season 1, Episode 18
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 鬼を斬る
Rōmaji Oni o Kiru
Air Date November 2, 2014
Adapted From 34, 35, 36
Opening Liar Mask
Ending Tsuki Akari
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Akame ga Kill! Episode List


In Tatsumi's dream, he wishes to spend more time with his comrades as he remembers the fond memories of his deceased comrades, Sheele, Bulat, and Chelsea. Mine calls him over to join the group for their next mission. In Kyoroch, Esdeath and her group arrive to the courtroom to meet Borick who requests protection from his enemies. When Esdeath notice a strong killing intent, Borick's personal guards, the Four Rakshasa Demons, reveal themselves. Seryu argues that defeating Night Raid without Imperial Arms would be impossible. Suddenly, Ibara almost strikes Seryu from behind and without Seryu noticing him as a form of demonstration. Ibara states that they had defeat Imperial Arms user with their own strength. To add on, Mez and Sten points out that the users are still regular humans. Esdeath reminds them to never lower their guard down despite their accomplishments.

Noticing Kurome is breathing heavily, Wave recalls how they first found Kurome collapsed in town. In light of Bols' recent passing, Wave wonders how he will face Bols' family. Run assures Wave that Esdeath won't blame anyone on their side for their loss. Afterwards, Esdeath arrives in the room after dissecting Chelsea. She informs her group that she couldn't find the identity and assumes she is likely an Imperial Arms user and a member of Night Raid. Seryu asks Esdeath for permission to feed Chelsea's corpse to Coro which Esdeath approves. Kurome wakes up, all energized. When Kurome asks Esdeath to let her fight alongside them in the next mission, Esdeath tests Kurome's reflexes and confirms Kurome is ready. Later, Wave finds Kurome exhausted, and when he tells Kurome that he will asks Esdeath to take Kurome off the mission, Kurome opens the door and falls into Wave's chest. Kurome begs Wave that if she doesn't fight, she be disposed. She wants to die fighting like her comrades.

In the marketplace, Tatsumi, Mine, and Lubbock are surveying town. Tatsumi has Mine act more like tourists to avoid being noticed. Sten and Mez notice Lubbock surveying the area. Later that night and at the cemetery, Akame and some men are searching for an underground passage to Borick's basement until Ryokoch attacks them, killing the two men. Meanwhile in town, two of the guards chase Lubbock. Sten strikes down Lubbock. Lubbock pretends to play dead, but he could not watch his fellow ally, a young female rebel spy, get kill by the female guard. Lubbock engages both Sten and Mez. Back in Akame's battle, Ibara steals Akame's weapon only to have stolen back easily as Akame jumps and twists his head with her legs. When Ibara realizes Akame's intentions, he charges in anger. Akame easily cuts down Ibara. From above, feathers almost hit Akame. Run reveals himself to Akame and that he had observed Akame's skills before leaving the scene.

During Lubbock's battle, he manages to block Sten's attacks with his threads. In a flashy way, Lubbock attacks his enemies as a way to buy time to allow his ally escape. As Sten and Mez glances over to see the missing girl, Lubbock immediately runs from the battle. Sten dashes towards Lubbock only to halt himself before getting cut by Lubbock's thread. Then, Lubbock throws his spear into Sten which its threads head inside to crush Sten's heart. Lubbock states that no matter how strong one trains, their organs are still vulnerable. Mez produces a lot of sweat and splashes all over Lubbock's threads, making them useless. Sprinting and jumping from different angles, she jabs Lubbock in the stomach, sending Lubbock flying. As Mez grabs Lubbock and prepares her final attack, Lubbock's knives which were thrown earlier came back to stab Mez's back. Lubbock stabs Mez to finish her off. While he leaves the scene, he complains how it's a waste to kill a beautiful girl.

Outside of the city, Mine and Tatsumi bicker over little things until the Path of Peace leader arrives to stop them. The leader explains that he sees a red thread of fate tying them together and encourages them to confess their love for each other, shocking both Mine and Tatsumi who are in disbelief. Elsewhere, Borick is in a middle of tricking a young woman who is drugged in joining his group. When he asks the young woman that she needs cleaning, he attempts to have the young woman have intercourse with him. Then, one of the men alert Borick about 3 of the Rakshasa Demons are slain. Esdeath's group receive the news. Esdeath looks forward to defeating Najenda's group.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Sheele, Bulat, and Chelsea only appear in the flashbacks.
  • Lubbock's Imperial Arm, Cross Tail, is created from the fur of a mega class Danger Beast (a dragon) that lives in the eastern clouds. The threads are called realm-cutting thread.
  • Mine wears new ribbons reminiscent of Chelsea.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Weapons Moves


Lubbock Cross Tail Centrifugal Force

Wire Trap

Sten Koukenji Hundred Fists

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • In the manga, the Jaegers wear tuxedos and dresses to Borick's party.
  • Tatsumi's flashback of his fallen teammates is taken from a half chapter between the Kurome battle and the beginning of the Kyroch arc. While the anime only shows glimpses of his dead friends, the manga had short flashback scenes with each of them.
  • The anime adds a scene where Borick and the Jaegers are informed of 3 of the Rakshasa's deaths.
  • In the manga, Run's attack on Akame is longer and comes before her battle with Idara. He retreats when he realizes she has been timing her dodges to lure him into melee range, reasoning that his main goal is reconnaissance.
  • While the manga suggests that Akame & Idara know one another, the anime makes it more explicit.
  • The scene between Wave and Kurome takes place before they reach Kyoroch in the manga, and their behaviour is less intimate - Kurome only pulls on Wave's arm rather than bracing herself against him.
  • The anime scene of Esdeath talking about how she plans to crush Najenda and her team is partly derived from the manga scene by Kurome's sickbed. In the manga, Esdeath is angered by Najenda's outwitting her in the previous clash between the Jaegers and Night Raid.
  • In chapter 35, there is an scene where Esdeath finds Seryu upset because she didn't want to protect Borick whom she despises. Esdeath, to make her stay more comfortable, forces her and Koro to play with a group of children of the city. That's the reason why she later appears in the next episode playing with them.

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