Kill the Curse
Akame ga Kill Title 17
Season 1, Episode 17
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 呪縛を斬る
Rōmaji Jubaku o Kiru
Air Date October 26, 2014
Adapted From 32, 33
Opening Liar Mask
Ending Tsuki Akari
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Kurome notes that if Bols is gone, she will have a harder fight. She retreats with Natala after feeling the migraine of her power. Earlier Leone had used her shield to protect Akame. In the forest, Bols feels guilty of blasting Wall to pieces. He finds a young girl who was crying and was frightened by Bols' appearance. As Bols tries to comfort her, the young girl stabs the back of Bols' neck with a needle. Chelsea informs Bols that she was a young girl from a village he had burned down. Knowing this is retribution for his deeds, Bols wants to live and be home with his family and eat together with the Jaegers. With these last thoughts, Bols dies.

Lubbock reaches Chelsea and compliments her on the kill. When Chelsea asks Lubbock where Kurome is, Lubbock hesitantly repliess he knows where she went. Though, Lubbock advises Chelsea not to go after her. Chelsea argues that if they don't kill her now, Kurome will come at them with full force. She assures Lubbock that she won't be reckless and asks him to dispatch two of their forces to her location. Chelsea quickly changes her appearance to Bols and proceeds towards Kurome's location.

Meanwhile, Kurome rests and recalls her past of how she and Akame were forced into the assassin program. During the skill test, many children died in the forest. Akame continues to protect her little sister while Kurome fights to help her sister. The two survive their journey through the forest. As Kurome and Akame patch each other up, one of the men mentions that they cannot allow siblings on the team of 7 because the siblings will rely on each other, making it problematic for them. The men forcibly separates the siblings. Akame was taken by the men for training at the capital while Kurome is drugged during an experiment.

Elsewhere, Susanoo administers aid to Mine. Leone assures Tatsumi that her regenerative ability will kick in for her arm. Then, Lubbock arrives with an urgent request. Chelsea, as Bols, arrives to Kurome's location and plays with Kurome a bit to find her opening. Back at the cabin, Mine mentions it was more than drugs that makes Kurome dangerous. Najenda orders Tatsumi and Akame to back up Chelsea. During a walk, Kurome falls on her knees and tries to eat her snacks. Chelsea pretends to say a charm to ease Kurome's pain, and then, she stabs Kurome's nape with a needle.

In a brief flashback, Chelsea recalls being hired by a corrupt viceroy who was hunting people for pleasure. When she stumbles upon the Gaia Foundation, she takes the Imperial Arms to assassinate the viceroy. From behind, Kurome steals the sword from Chelsea and informs her that the drug had enhanced her body. Kurome tells Chelsea that if she wants to kill her, she has to pulverize her heart or behead her. Throwing a smoke bomb, Chelsea makes a run for it. Before she could transform, Doya shoots Chelsea's fingers off and the Gaia Foundation. Kurome realizes Chelsea had killed Bols and orders her corpse puppets to kill Chelsea. Natala slices off Chelsea's right arm while Doya shoots Chelsea in the back. In Chelsea's last moments, she cries and thinks about Tatsumi.

Afterwards, Tatsumi enters the city using his invisibility and tracks down the blood. Akame has a sad look on her face. Tatsumi arrives and finds Chelsea's decapitated head on a flag pole.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Major Events: This episode had two deaths on both sides, Night Raids and Jägers.
  • Name Changes: In this episode, Gaea Foundation is spelled as Gaia Foundation in Crunchyroll.
  • Esdeath and the rest of Jaegers except Bols and Kurome appear in flashbacks. Same goes for Logue/Rogue and Bols' wife. Only Esdeath has spoken lines.
  • This is the 3rd time it rained on the day when a Night Raid member had lost their lives.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Bols: "I always knew... That one day, I'd have to face retribution. But... Even so, I must get home. They're both waiting for me... I have to get home..."

— Bols' Last Words


Chelsea: "I see. I'm actually the one facing retribution. I wanted to be praised when I returned... "What do you think, Tatsumi? Didn't I do great?" And..."

— Chelsea's Last Words


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Weapons Abilities

Gaia Foundation

Kurome Yatsufusa
Tatsumi Incursio Invisibility

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • Continuity: The manga has Chelsea changed into Bols. In chapter 33, a scene with Lubbock and Chelsea takes place.
  • The anime lengthens Akame and Kurome's flashback by adapting scenes from the prequel manga Akame Ga Kill! Zero. These include scenes of the sisters surviving the forest together, and revealing that they were forcibly separated because the assassins didn't want them to rely on one another too much. Kurome and the others were below Akame's group of seven were drugged to enhance their abilities.
  • The manga has another scene, a new viceroy took the place of the assassinated viceroy. Also, Chelsea beheads the viceroy in the manga.
  • In the manga, Chelsea's reasons for joining Night Raid is present. The anime had only mention her purpose of using her Imperial Arms but never mentions her joining Night Raid.
  • In the anime, Chelsea takes Kurome's sword after stabbing her, however Kurome retakes it as soon as she revives.

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