Kill the Puppets
Akame ga Kill Title 16
Season 1, Episode 16
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 人形を斬る
Rōmaji Ningyō o Kiru
Air Date October 19, 2014
Adapted From 30, 31, 32
Opening Liar Mask
Ending Tsuki Akari
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Akame attacks Kurome first, knowing Kurome will be sluggish after controlling eight corpse puppets. Then, Natala blocks Akame's attack, shocking Akame. Akame asks Kurome to lay Natala to rest. However, Kurome states that she always wants to be with Natala, and she wishes to add her beloved sister to her collection. That way, they can be together forever. Akame gets knocked from Destaghoul by Natala. Once Akame falls from Destaghoul, Bols fires Magma Drive at her. In the nick of time, Tatsumi rescues Akame from being blasted. After Akame snaps out of it, Kurome and Natala step to a higher plateau to oversee the battle. Kurome has Destaghoul fire at Najenda's group. Mine watches the carnage from the forest while Lubbock sets up his wires and remains on standby. Lubbock contemplates about confessing to Najenda once this battle is over since he is worried that Susanoo might capture Najenda's heart.

Susanoo tells Najenda that he can handle Destaghoul all by himself. When Mine tries to snipe Kurome, Natala notices Mine from a distance and extends his weapon's blade at her before Mine could make a shot. Doya runs on Natala's spear towards Mine. As Mine takes on Doya, Tatsumi engages both Ape-Man and Henter. Meanwhile, Akame proceeds to assassinate Bols. When she jumps to Bols' backside, she tries to cut him only to hit Wall. Before Leone could assist Akame, her leg gets caught by Rokugoh's whip. Leone has difficulty with Rokugoh when her kinetic perception cannot track Rokugoh's furious whips. Kurome boasts about her collection as Night Raid dukes it out with them. Najenda rushes in to assist Leone to finish off a former comrade. Suddenly, Kurome slices off Leone's arm when Leone is off guard for the slightest moment. Chelsea bides her time in the forest, utilizing the same advice Kurome had mentioned. Najenda instructs Leone to back up Akame.

Elsewhere, Esdeath's group run into a group of bandits, and she orders her two comrades to kill everyone but two or three, so she can interrogate them. In Akame's battle, she dives under Wall and tries to stab Bols who blocks it with armor underneath his palm. Bols asks Akame why she joined the Revolutionary Army. After getting Akame's answer and acknowledging her resolve, the two continue their battle. Leone joins in with Akame. Knowing all of Rokugoh's moves from experience in training, Najenda easily decapitates Rokugoh's head with her kick. Though, Rokugoh continues to move much to Najenda's chagrin on how Kurome desecrate the dead. After sending Rokugoh's body into Destaghoul's beam, Najenda joins Susanoo in the battle, and she has Susanoo activate his ability. Chelsea uses her Imperial Arm to impersonate a member of the Ban Tribe to stop Henter who is emotionally stricken. With Chelsea's help, Tatsumi finishes off Henter and then, he defeats Ape-Man on his own. Far from the battle, Wave starts to move because he has to protect his comrade.

By the edge of the forest, Kaiser Frog grabs Mine with her tongue and eats her. Kurome mentions how Mine will face the same fate as her comrade did. Once Susanoo receives Najenda's life force, he reflects Destaghoul's attack with Mirror of Yata and finishes the beast with his sword. Tatsumi reaches Kurome's position and as he arrives and engages Natala in combat, Mine blasts her way out of the Kaiser Frog. Leone and Akame double team Bols and Wall. After Akame cuts down Wall and Leone bites off Bols' Imperial Arm, Bols resort to detonating his Imperial Arm to destroy everything around him.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Kurome's Corpse Puppets Summons: Natala, Doya, Wall, Kaiser Frog, Rokugoh, Ape-Man, Destaghoul, and Henter.
  • Murasame's ability only works on living beings.
  • Kurome's corpse have deep-seated habits and strong emotions.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Weapons Moves Abilities


Akame Murasame



Leone Lionelle
Bols Rubicante Magma Drive
Rokugoh Earth Shaker
Najenda Reel Assault
Chelsea Gaea Foundation

Chaos Soul Manifestation

Mirror of Yata

Gathering Clouds of Heaven


Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • The anime omits a scene where Najenda instructs Lubbock to keep an eye out for Esdeath and to keep Esdeath distracted should her group arrive nearby.
  • In the manga, Leone's limb is seen on the ground as Leone tries to stop the bleeding. The anime doesn't show that Leone's limb after it was cut off.
  • In the anime, Esdeath's scene occurs after Leone's arm is cut off by Kurome. In the manga, Esdeath's scene occur after Tatsumi defeats Ape-Man and reaches Kurome. The manga adds an extra scene in Esdeath's group. Esdeath mentions Wave warning Esdeath to watch Seryu. Also, Seryu asks Esdeath if she can check the skies on her dragon. Later on, Run mentions that Night Raid isn't here.
  • Wave's scene occurs after Esdeath's group's 2nd scene in the manga.

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