Special Operations Squad: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 2
Attack on Titan Ep 15 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 15
General Information
Series Attack on Titan
Kanji 特別作戦班 ―反撃前夜②―
Rōmaji Tokubetsu Sakusen-han -Hangeki Zen'ya (2)-
Alternative Translations Special Operations Squad
Air Date July 20, 2013 (Japan), August 16, 2014 (USA)
Adapted From 20
Opening Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen
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Approaching Former Recon Corps HQ, Levi's Special Operations Squad escort Eren. Auruo cannot believe they escorting a Titan to their base and accidentally bites his tongue. At the base, Petra scolds him for imitating Levi. Auruo remarks that Petra hasn't followed the right steps to be his wife. Meanwhile, Eren observes Levi's Special Operations Squad members. Then, Levi has his team clean up the old headquarters. When Eren asks Levi where should he sleep, Levi replies that Eren has to sleep in the basement. Afterwards, Petra Ral chats with Eren and tells him more about Levi. Then, Levi comes by and tells Eren to redo his chores. Meanwhile, Mike talks with Erwin about the new recruits. Erwin states that they will have to demonstrate that Eren is a benefit to humanity.

During dinner, Eren tells Erd Gin how he transform into a Titan. Eren wonders how he knew this information. Entering the room, Hanji informs Eren that she had captured two Titans for research. When Eren asks Hanji about what she does in the experiments, Hanji's face glows with enthusiasm. After Levi and his group leave Hanji and Eren alone, Hanji shares her data with Eren. During the research, Hanji greets and talks with Titans to see if they can speak. Hanji states that they experiment with sunlight to see whether or not Titans can thrive only on sunlight. In her next phase of the experiment, Hanji starts a series of tests to see how much Titans can withstand pain. When Eren asks Hanji if she hated Titans, Hanji states she joined the Survey Corps out of hatred. Then, Hanji's hatred changes into curiosity when she finds how light a Titan head was. Eren asks Hanji to continue sharing her observations.

On the next day, one of Hanji's subordinates inform Hanji that her test subjects were killed. At the research site, Hanji bawled over her dead specimens. Erd and Gunter discuss that the culprit had used 3D maneuver gear to kill the Titans while Petra hits Auruo for making a rude comment about Hanji. Then Erwin asks Eren if he notices anything odd.

Points of Interest

  • According to Petra, Levi used to be an infamous thug in the capital's underground.
  • Hanji has a habit of naming her specimens. The two Titan's names, she had given last time, are Chikachironi and Albert.
  • Titan's bodies are lighter than expected.


  • Petra Ral - 10 solo kills, 48 assists.
  • Auruo - 39 solo kills, 9 assists.
  • Erd Gin - 14 solo kills, 32 assists.
  • Gunter Schulz - 7 solo kills, 40 assists.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material.

  • Anime Exclusive: Mike and Irwin's conversation.

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