Plot Summary

Tsubaki comes home to find his sister, Youko, asleep drooling on the table. When she wakes, Tsubaki asks if she has a boyfriend. Youko is flustered as she wipes off her drool and goes to make some tea. Tsubaki wonders if he's the only guy who thinks his girlfriend looks cute while drooling. The next day Urabe sees Youko at a bakery and greets her. Youko invites Urabe to have coffee with her. Youko reminisces about her own time in high school 6 years ago. After telling Urabe about what happened with her and Tsubaki the other day, Youko tells Urabe a story about her own boyfriend in high school. Youko's boyfriend took a picture of her while she was asleep and drooling at her desk and said she was cute in it. This made her happy, but after graduating, her boyfriend went to Kansai to study, and they slowly grew apart. Sometimes though, Youko wonders whether he still has that picture of her or whether he threw it away and found a new girlfriend. After finishing their coffee, Youko and Urabe thank each other respectively and head home.

Youko, Tsubaki and their father visit the cemetery to pay their respects to their mother. They burn incense, lay down some flowers, wash the gravestone and lay some sakuramochi on the gravestone, which was their mother's favorite. When they are finished, Youko says she is satisfied after reporting to her mother. When asked what she reported about, she answers, "About you, Tsubaki, of course!" Youko is determined to care for Tsubaki in her mother's place until Tsubaki can live on his own. However, both Tsubaki and their father agree that if Youko has a significant other, then she should feel free to move out when she is ready and not worry so much about Tsubaki.

The next day, Urabe tells Tsubaki about her encounter with his sister, and Tsubaki tells her about him visiting his mother's grave. Tsubaki says he isn't bothered much by not having a mother, since she died when he was young and he got used to things. After tasting Urabe's drool that day, Urabe says she wants to go with Tsubaki to see Tsubaki's mother's grave. They decide to meet at 2p.m. on Sunday and take the bus together. Urabe comes dressed in a white summer dress, orange shawl and brings a bouquet of flowers.

When they arrive at the cemetery, Tsubaki is still a little disconcerted by how formally Urabe has dressed. Urabe also brought a small bento box with bacon-wrapped meat that she cooked and wants Tsubaki's mother to try. She places the flowers and a few pieces on the grave next to the sakuramochi and flowers from Tsubaki's visit the other day with Youko and their father. Urabe says she wanted to dress properly when meeting Tsubaki's mother's grave.

Urabe then takes Tsubaki's hand and places it on the gravestone. As he does this they exchange drool. After they do this, Urabe starts crying. Urabe then explains to Tsubaki that when his mother died, even though he may not remember, he was crying. Urabe says she hopes she can be someone as special to Tsubaki as his family is to him. As they walk out of the cemetery, Urabe notices that it is almost spring and the sakura trees are starting to blossom.

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