Memories to Come
Charlotte Ep 13 Title
Season 1, Episode 13
General Information
Series Charlotte
Kanji これからの記録
Rōmaji Korekara no Kiroku
Air Date September 26, 2015
Opening Bravely You
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As Yu travels the world and plunders the abilities from people and carriers included, he starts to lose his memory and break down mentally. The flashcards that Nao Tomori gave him is the only thing keeping him together.

Shunsuke and the others rescue Yu who had completed his mission. After waking up in the hospital, Nao finds out that Yu had lost memories of her and her promise. She reminds him of their promise and that they were a couple. The two create new memories with their friends and families.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Nao's older brother is cured thanks to Yu and Sala Shane (he was holding an autographed album by Sala).
  • Yu's Plundered Abilities List (for this episode)
    • Translate languages
    • Be active without sleeping
    • Read minds
    • Track ability and carrier users
    • Form barriers
    • Ice manipulation
    • Healing touch
    • Fly
    • Worsen illnesses
    • Courage
    • Make objects gold
    • Disintegration of objects
    • Electricity manipulation
    • Explosives
    • Enhanced jumps

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