School Live Ep 12 Chalkboard
Season 1, Episode 12
General Information
Series School-Live!
Kanji そつぎょう
Rōmaji Sotsugyō
Air Date September 24, 2015
Ending Friend Shitai
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As the zombies storm the school, Yuki finds the broadcast room. After locking Tarōmaru in the locker, she makes an announcement to tell the zombies to go home. Once the rain subsided, Kurumi and Tarōmaru were given vaccine. Even though Kurumi is okay, Tarōmaru ate his last food and dies happily in Miki's lap.

The girls hold a graduation ceremony after finding the next location, St. Ishidoros University, that was marked on a map by Megu-nee.

Afterwards, a young girl finds Yuki's group's balloon message.

List of Characters

  • Yuki Takeya
  • Kurumi Ebisuzawa
  • Yūri Wakasa
  • Miki Naoki
  • Tarōmaru
  • Megumi Sakura (Spirit)
  • Kei Shidō (Hallucination)

Points of Interest

  • This episode contains no title card.
  • There is no confirmation on the zombie girl's identity at the scene when Yuki's group leaves the school. It's speculated that she is Kei or not due to Miki shedding tears.
  • Kei only appears as an illusion in MIki's eyes while the spirits of Megu-nee and Taromaru appeared.

Manga & Anime Differences

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