Plot Summary

Oka tells Urabe how hard it must be on Tsubaki, having seen his girlfriend naked. Oka wants to see Urabe use her scissors again. Urabe refuses. Oka teases her with a photo that she took when Urabe was naked during the festival. Urabe promptly pulls her scissors out of her panties and cuts up the photo. This leaves Oka impressed and curious. Like Oka said, Tsubaki is having a hard time getting the image of Urabe naked off his mind. After school Urabe asks to taste Tsubaki's drool. Urabe's body gets hot. When she asks Tsubaki why, Tsuabki is too embarrassed to say anything and runs off. When Urabe gets home, her body is still hot and she wonders what a dirty mind Tsubaki has.

After school the next day, when Tsubaki tastes Urabe's drool he starts feeling dizzy and starts seeing Urabe naked. He finally cannot resist the urge to hug Urabe and does so. When Urabe pulls out her panty scissors to defend herself, she accidentally cuts Tsubaki's forehead. Urabe starts apologizing frantically. Urabe tells Tsubaki to come to her place so she can fix up his wound. As Tsubaki waits in Urabe's room for Urabe to get the first aid kit, Urabe tries using her scissors on a picture frame. Urabe also accidentally cuts the curtain behind it. It seems Urabe is not feeling well.

As Urabe disinfect's Tsubaki's cut, Urabe apologizes for accidentally hurting him with her scissors. Tsubaki also wonders why Urabe is not as accurate with her scissors today. Urabe says that she had a strange dream last night. Urabe starts blushing when asked about the dream, and offers Tsubaki to taste her drool. When he does, Tsubaki starts feeling light-headed again, and again thinks he sees Urabe naked. He tries to get up and leave, but Urabe has not finished treating Tsubaki's wound. Tsubaki tries to push Urabe away to prevent himself from throwing his arms around her again. Urabe falls onto her bed and Tsubaki runs to see if she is alright. However, Tsubaki trips on the first aid kit, and almost lands on Urabe, but is able to change his fall trajectory so that instead he hits his forehead on the metal frame of Urabe's bed.

When Tsubaki explains that he tries not to land on her, Urabe hugs Tsubaki and says, "if you're about to get hurt, it is okay to throw yourself on me." Urabe goes to get some ice to put on the newly formed bump on Tsubaki's forehead. After Tsubaki has left, Urabe tries cutting another picture frame. This time she succeeds in only cutting the frame. It looks like her accuracy came back after hugging Tsubaki. As Urabe thinks about the strange dream she had last night, she begins to realize that she might have just as dirty a mind as Tsubaki. That night, Tsubaki has a strange dream. Urabe is wearing a bunny outfit as Tsubaki chases her. When Tsubaki catches up to her Urabe is hammering a white substance in order to create naked, white, gel-like copies of herself. The gel copies surround Tsubaki and start throwing themselves onto him. Tsubaki is enjoying himself until he wakes up from the dream.

At school, Tsubaki sees that Ueno also has a bandage on his forehead. Ueno explains that Oka tried to cut his bangs, but tried being fancy with the scissors and accidentally cut Ueno's forehead (Oka was trying to imitate Urabe). Tsubaki feigns ignorance about why Oka would be playing with scissors. Then a female classmate, Suwano, tells Tsubaki that the teacher wants to see him in the office. Suwano notices that Tsubaki's gauze on his forehead is coming off, she happens to have a band-aid and proceeds to replace the gauze. This catches Urabe's attention. Suwano proceeds to take Tsubaki's arm and walk to the office with him. Urabe notices this. While walking in the hallway, Tsubaki asks Suwano to give him the used gauze.

After school Urabe sees that Tsubaki is still wearing the old gauze. Tsubaki says it feels like his forehead will heal faster because the gauze is from Urabe. Urabe starts blushing. When Urabe gives Tsubaki her drool that day. Tsubaki hugs Urabe. Tsubaki starts apologizing frantically and begs Urabe not to use her panty scissors. Urabe says it is okay because she wanted Tsubaki to put his arms around her. As they part ways for the day, Tsubaki reflects that he can never tell what is going on in his mysterious girlfriend's head.

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