Those Left Behind
Chaika Title Card 12
Season 1, Episode 12
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Kanji 遺されしもの
Rōmaji Nokosareshi Mono
Air Date June 25, 2014
Ending Kairaku Genri
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The commander of Stratus has his men charge in to deliver the first strike. They fire a laser at Soara, but it didn't inflict a lot of damage due to Soara's magic shield. While the ship rocks a bit and Akari lets her guard down, Vivi sweeps Akari off her feet. Zita fires The Interceptor spell that knocks out Akari. Toru climbs inside the tower only to meet another guard dog. In the skies, Soara fires and penetrates Stratus's magic shield due to their purity of their magic fuel. Akari manages to snap out and states that she needs to find her brother and Chaika. Meanwhile, Chaika tries to escape through the air ducts. Toru manages to finish off one of the manspider. Akari and her group find Fredrika's husk. Then, Fredrika pops out of the chest as a mini version. She explains that she molted and gave her body a dual structure.

Back in the skies, Stratus manages to hit Soara's gun port which causes Soara's laser to graze the ground where Albéric and the army was located. Leonardo manages to escape, and he cannot find the captain's body, only his sword. Grad informs Ricardo and Layla that they cannot use their magic attacks on their way to the capital. Layla suggests doing a magic suicide bombing because their magic fuel is enough to raze the entire capital of Cadwell to the ground. Grad and Ricardo gladly accepts her plans even if it cost their lives. The commander of Stratus decides to ram his ship into Soara instead of surviving and losing face. Chaika escapes from the room and manages to find the source of the magic fuel where Layla and Ricardo are standing in front of. The two air fortresses collide when Stratus rams into Soara.

Chaika falls over which Layla and Ricardo notices her. Ricardo introduces himself before trying to dissect Chaika himself. In the room where Chaika was held in, Fredrika morphs into her Dragoon form and massacres the manspiders. Toru arrives to Chaika's aid in Iron Blood Transformation. After Toru is on the ground, he manages to stab Ricardo in the gut, killing him. Toru explains that Ricardo wasn't much of a fighter. In the control room, Akari knocks out Grad with her hammer. Shortly afterwards, Toru manages to retrieve Gaz's remains, but his injuries from Ricardo has slow him down.

Suddenly, Layla fires an arrow at Toru, sending him over the rails and into the water. When Layla is distracted by Guy's astral form in the ceiling, Chaika fires her spell, The Slugger, which knocks out Layla. Chaika throws her coffin overboard and dives to save Toru by kissing him to breathe some air into him. Then, Chaika uses The Floater spell to lift each other into the air. Toru reminds Chaika that he is her tool to sacrifice. Before Toru could kiss Chaika, Akari and the others on Fredrika's back arrive to rescue them. The group escape Soara. Elsewhere in the fortress, Layla spends her last moments with Ricardo until the fortress explodes.

By day break, Vivi and Zita arrive back and reunite with Matheus's group. Leonardo gravely informs them that the captain is gone. Vivi refuses to believe them, and her emotions activate her latent transformation into Chaika. Toru and Akari reaffirms their mission with Chaika. Fredrika asks Toru to become a Dragoon Cavalier, so he will not have to treat every little wound.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Before Albéric was destroyed by the laser presumably, there are two Guys behind him.
  • Eyecatches Used: The episode uses two black versions.
  • Like all Chaika who specializes in one weapon, Layla's weapon is a crossbow.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items
  • The Slugger
  • Else
  • The Interceptor

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