Plot Summary

Hayakawa, dressed in her middle school uniform, promptly takes Tsubaki's arm and starts walking with him around her school's 70th culture festival. Tsubaki isn't comfortable with her being so close, but Hayakawa assures him that this is all in order to fend off her ex-boyfriend. Close by, Ueno and Oka are also attending the festival. Oka wants to try the Maid Café. Ueno goes to the restroom first, and when he comes back Oka has vanished, so he goes into the Café. To his surprise, Oka appears next to him dressed as a maid. Oka is having fun wearing the maid costume, and even poses a little for other guys to take pictures of her. This is a bit much for Ueno to handle and he runs off. Just as Oka begins to wonder why Ueno gets mad when other guys pay attention to her, she happens to see Tsubaki and Hayakawa. Hayakawa leads Tsubaki to an empty classroom, so she follows them and starts eavesdropping.

Hayakawa talks about how they used to stay after school together to do homework in middle school. She remembers a time when Tsubaki tried to hug her from behind, but got too nervous. She then invites Tsubaki to hug her now, but he hesitates. Hayakawa takes off her wig and says that she will grow her hair out again if he becomes her real boyfriend, but Tsubaki repeats that he already has a girlfriend. Hayakawa tells Tsubaki to taste her drool and make a decision only after tasting it. Oka, who is watching all of it, tries to pull out her camera and stop them, but is held back by Urabe who came to the festival wearing a cardboard box robot costume. Urabe walks in and says she will test Tsubaki. Urabe blindfolds him, and plays rock-paper-scissors with Hayakawa to decide whose drool Tsubaki will taste first. Urabe wins and goes first. Tsubaki tastes Urabe's drool and proceeds to have a bursting nosebleed and concludes that it has to be Urabe's.

Urabe then cuts off her cardboard box, showing that she was naked underneath the whole time and triumphantly claims, "This is the bond of drool between Tsubaki and I." Urabe then invites Hayakawa to try the same. If Tsubaki's nose bleeds after tasting Hayakawa's drool then they also share a bond, and Hayakawa agrees. Meanwhile, Tsubaki--who is still blindfolded--can hardly believe what is happening. Hayakawa strips down and is about to offer him her drool, but suddenly starts to cry. Urabe explains that they are tears of rejection and that Hayakawa should stop lying to herself. Hayakawa breaks down and confesses that all her relationships have been one-sided. Her ex-boyfriend was still in love with his previous girlfriend. Before they say any more, Urabe takes some of Hayakawa's drool and tastes it. She loses control of herself for a moment and blushes, saying it is really sweet, and that even though Hayakawa has only experienced unrequited love in the past, Urabe is sure that she will eventually find reciprocal love.

Tsubaki almost wishes that he could have tasted Hayakawa's drool, but quickly rejects this thought and shakes his head violently, causing his blindfold to come off. When Hayakawa and Urabe realize this, they both slap Tsubaki hard across the face, knocking him out. Oka steps in and asks them what they are doing arguing naked in an empty classroom. Hayakawa laughs and thanks Urabe by saying she had fun the past few days, which helped her recover from her breakup. Hayakawa was also amazed by the bond Urabe and Tsubaki's share. She still wonders whether she will ever be in a loving relationship. Urabe says she will. When Hayakawa is left alone in the classroom, she starts to think she should grow her hair out again.

On their way home Tsubaki asks Urabe if she is mad. Urabe says no, and tells him that she too had a crush in middle school. However Urabe was just teasing. Urabe never liked anyone before Tsubaki and was never in any relationships. This means that if they ever kissed it would be her first kiss. Urabe then tastes Tsubaki's drool and smiles. The smile is a reflection of Tsubaki's emotion. Urabe runs off saying, "Tsubaki, you're such a boy."

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