The False Princess
Chaika Title Card 11
Season 1, Episode 11
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Kanji 偽りの姫君
Rōmaji Itsuwari no Himegami
Air Date June 18, 2014
Ending Kairaku Genri
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Toru fights against his sister and the knights before throwing a smoke bomb to escape from Akari. Akari catches up to Toru. Toru asks Akari why she betray Chaika and reminds her that she is no longer a saboteur if she abandons her master. Toru wrestles and pins Akari, but he cannot stab his sister. Toru runs away from his sister. Layla brings Chaika to her room and asks Chaika why she wants to retrieve her father's remains. After hearing Chaika's name, Layla leaves Chaika to join Ricardo and Grad. When Ricardo asks Layla if he can carve up Chaika, Layla smiles and approves Ricardo's request. Albéric has Matheus and Nicolai on standby while he and Leonardo will meet the captain of the army.

In Soara, Vivi and Zita think how they will escape this fortress before noticing Toru falling his fight with Akari. Zita saves Toru with her levitation magic. Zita proposes to exchange information with Toru in order to escape fortress alive. In exchange, Toru asks Zita and Vivi to help find his friends and that they will escape together.

Despite Vivi's protests, Zita agrees. Ricardo calls to his people to go forth to Cadwell, the capital city of Wiemac. Afterwards, Layla visits Chaika for a little chat, making Chaika feel uncomfortable about her purpose in retrieving her father's remains. Grad and Ricardo talk about how Layla gave them a purpose by starting another war. Meanwhile, Toru and his group find dead girls in the walls. Layla tells Chaika that her feelings and purpose are all lies. She reveals her true self, a blue Chaika. A young girl who is barely alive cried out that Ricardo had murdered all the girls. Zita states that these women were murdered for the magic fuel. The source of magic is the accumulated memories of living things. Toru informs them of another person behind this ordeal, Layla.

Back to white Chaika, Layla reminds white Chaika of the issue: why are her memories missing. Who gave her the title of Chaika? Chaika Travant adamantly denies Layla's reasoning. Layla explains that they are here to gather father's remains and that they had different qualities, thus maximizing their success in reaching their goals. Layla states that she has a talent for mixing drugs and seducing men with aphrodisiacs. One day, she finds out the truth behind their creation. The Chaikas are merely tools to fulfill a destiny and retrieve the remains. She points out that white Chaika's kind and fragile girl nature is one of those qualities.

Layla states that she abandons the name of Chaika. Zita tells Toru that the soldiers and Akari are controlled by drugs and magic. Fredrika transforms from a cat to a human. She asks Layla of the whereabouts of the remains. Then, a giant manspider appears from behind and stabs Fredrika in the head before dragging her body away. Layla explains that she used up the remains until it's all gone. Outside, Guy is seen observing Soara. Albéric manages to reach the punitive force and speaks cavalier Theobald Setra, captain of the first vanguard unit of the punitive force. Theobald Setra argues that he is here to subjugate Duke Gavarni and refuses to stop his army for Albéric's two comrades. In the ducts, Toru manage to defend himself against the manspider and has his group escape to safety. Zita cannot blast through the gates. Toru resorts to climbing the outside walls of the fortress while Zita and Vivi fend off Akari's group. When Theobald refuses to listen to Albéric, Albéric pulls out a sword and announces that he will delay the captain's army by any means necessary. As Toru climbs to the top of fortress, he spots Stratus approaching the fortress.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • This episode only uses one black eyecatch.
  • According to Zita, the reasoning behind using young women is because of their memories are denser. The denser, the better quality of the magic fuel.

Spells Used

  • Zita - Levitation Magic (unknown technique name)

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