Let's Go to the Summer Festival!
Actually, I Am Episode 11 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 11
General Information
Series Actually, I Am
Kanji 夏祭りに行こう!
Rōmaji Natsumatsuri ni Ikou!
Air Date September 14, 2015
Opening Himitsu o Chōdai
Ending Ienai Ienai
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When Yoko leaves Asahi and Nagisa by themselves at the festival (in order to get the two alone), Asahi and Nagisa search for Yoko. As the two search, Yoko and Nagisa enjoy themselves. Meanwhile, Yoko and Shiho run into Mikan and her younger brothers. Mikan volunteers to help Yoko find Nagisa and Asahi. Once Asahi and Nagisa notice Yoko by the ice cream booth, the two chase Yoko until Nagisa trips. Asahi dashes to catch the falling Nagisa. He gets hit with 2 ice cream in the eye. Nagisa who was on top of Asahi decides to rest on Asahi after realizing her feelings for Asahi. As Yoko watches the two, she feels her heart hurting with jealousy.

Next day, Asahi tries to find Yoko to clear misunderstandings. Meanwhile, Yoko is at the principal's office where Akane makes fun of Yoko and her feelings for Asahi. Akane would use her powers to transform into Asahi and Yoko and carry acts of romance to embarrass Yoko. By the river, Akari chases down Akane. Asahi arrives in an attempt to explain things, but Yoko leaves him.

List of Characters

  • Asahi Kuromine
  • Mikan Akemi
  • Yōko Shiragami
  • Nagisa Aizawa
  • Shiho Shishido
  • Akari Kōmoto
  • Akane Kōmoto
  • Mikan's younger brothers

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