Plot Summary

Tsubaki doesn't understand why Urabe made a big deal about his liking of Imai Momoka and proceeds to buy her new photobook at the bookstore. When he walks out of the store he once again runs into his middle-school crush, Hayakawa, but is not able to recognize her right away because she cut her hair short. As they are walking together they happen to pass onto the topic of girlfriends and about Ueno and Oka. Hayakawa asks Tsubaki if he has a girlfriend, Tusbaki thinks for a second and says no. Hayakawa is surprised and reveals that she knew Tsubaki had a crush on her in middle school. Tsubaki confesses that in middle school he always thought Hayakawa's hair was really pretty.

Hayakawa seems to be having fun talking with Tsubaki. She then reveals that her boyfriend recently broke up with her. Tsubaki is happy that he can help her regain her confidence by talking with her. Tsubaki recounts a time where he saved a strand of Hayakawa's hair. Hayakawa doesn't think this is weird at all and tells him of a time where she saved a cup that was used by a boy she liked.

After Tsubaki tries cheering her up, Hayakawa starts crying. Tsubaki is not sure what to do, and when Hayakawa looks up at him with tears streaming down her face, Tsubaki thinks that Hayakawa looks really cute. The second thing Tsubaki notices is the drool dripping out of Hayakawa's mouth, Tsubaki wonders what another girl's drool tastes like. Hayakawa asks if they can meet up once in a while and talk. Tsubaki blurts out that he will come see her if she lets him taste her drool. Hayakawa says sure, and offers her drool on her finger. Tsubaki almost licks it but remembers what Urabe said, "Drool is our bond," then he stops himself and apologizes to Hayakawa. Hayakawa then realizes that Tsubaki must indeed have a girlfriend. Hayakawa asks who the girlfriend is, Tsubaki says, "Urabe Mikoto," then Hayakawa leaves.

The next day Hayakawa walks up to Urabe on her way to school. After a few words of introduction, Hayakawa, for whatever reason, invites Urabe to the Hoshinome Girl's Academy's upcoming culture festival on Sunday saying that Tsubaki will also be going. That night Hayakawa calls out Tsubaki to meet her outside. Hayakawa shows him a bruise on her face, which she says was given to her by her ex-boyfriend. Hayakawa then asks for Tsubaki's help and asks him to come to their school's festival on Sunday. Hayakawa thinks that if Tusbaki pretends to be her boyfriend, then her ex will decide to leave her alone. Tsubaki reluctantly agrees to do this for her. When Hayakawa heads home she stops by the park, wets her handkerchief and wipes off her fake bruise.

The next day, on their way home together, Urabe asks Tsubaki if he has any plans for this Sunday. Tsubaki lies and says he is going shopping with Ueno. The next day when they are having lunch, Oka tells Urabe about the Hoshinome Girl's Academy cultural festival and that she will be going with Ueno. Urabe is surprised because Tsubaki said he had plans with Ueno that day. When Tsubaki goes to the culture festival, he sees that all the female students are wearing costumes to showcase different cultures around the world. Tsubaki apologizes in his head to Urabe for doing this. Tsubaki then wonders what costume Hayakawa is wearing. Hayakawa happens to be wearing her middle school uniform and also a wig that looks like her old hair.

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