Land of Confusion
Gangsta Title Card 10
Season 1, Episode 10
General Information
Series Gangsta.
Air Date September 13, 2015
Adapted From 23, 24, and 25
Opening Renegade
Ending Country of the Night
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While Dr. Theo takes down Nic, Nina converses with Alex on how Dr. Theo is the only one who handles Twilights as patients. Meanwhile, Worick helps Officer Cody with identifing the bodies. Then, Connie visits Dr. Theo's clinic to see Marco and the two spend some time together. After Connie and Marco are sleeping together, Dr. Theo asks Galahad about the ring that Connie had possession of.

At the Monroe's mansion, the family discusses about situation involving Erica where Daniel tells Ivan it was time to make a decision. Back at the clinic, Connie gives Alex a key and that she might need it later on to find her brother. Then, Worwick stops by only to mistake Alex as Veronica in a hallucination. He then leaves and bumps into a man known as Striker without noticing him.

Elsewhere, Sig and her group attacks the Paulklee Guild and othe Twilights in the Abandoned Zone. Meanwhile, Alex asks Loretta to let her help the Twilights as much as she can.  While Uranos mentions about the 3 forces (Cristiano, Monroe, and Paulklee), Sig's group continue their massacre of the Paulklee Guild. Nic notices and smoke and heads off. Doug gets attacked by Sig but manages to escape.

List of Characters

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