Charlotte Ep 10 Title
Season 1, Episode 10
General Information
Series Charlotte
Kanji 略奪
Rōmaji Ryakudatsu
Alternative Translations Plunder
Air Date September 5, 2015
Opening Bravely You
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Shunsuke explains how he build the school after repeated attempts and time traveling which made him blind in the process. Yū realizes Kumagami had informed Nao and her group about his true powers. However, Yū wasn't using the full extent of his abilities. Shunsuke asks Yū to take his power to save Ayumi.

Back in the past, Yū takes the steps to save Ayumi and only shares with Nao about his abilities. After Nao and Yū tend to Ayumi that night, Yū steals Ayumi's powers.

The next day, Yū and Nao's group infiltrates the school. Jōjirō and Yusa are both caught by a teacher and a mob of students, respectively. As Ayumi is being chased by Konishi up the stairs, Yū steps out of his hiding place, a locker at the top of the stairs. Yū uses his power to crack the windows. While Konishi is frightened and distrated, Nao uses her invisibility to cut Konishi's hair.

Afterwards, Yū and Ayumi walk home where Kumagami and Medoki meet them. Yū informs (through implications) Kumagami that he had used his powers.

List of Characters

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