The Girl Who Carries the Gundo
Chaika Season 2 Title Card 10
Season 2, Episode 10
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle
Kanji 機杖担う少女
Rōmaji Gando ninau shōjo
Air Date December 10, 2014
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An officer reports about an attack from the principality of Hartgen that struck the fortress (dispatched by Centr and Wiepr Kingdom). General Fyodor orders his men to wait for Gillette's report. During the commotion, Red Chaika and her team rush past the guards as they run towards the throne room. White Chaika cannot move past her disillusionment over the truth that Arthur Gaz created the Chaikas as his tool in his revival. Before Toru could attack Emperor Gaz, Black Chaika makes a barrier to repel Toru. Black Chaika instructs Shin to accompany Emperor Gaz who levitates himself towards the floating fortress. Then, Vivi and Leonardo arrive to take care of Black Chiaka after persuading Alberic to report to headquarters for help. Red Chaika also arrives which intrigues Black Chaika who inform Red Chaika that she could have left this place with her life.

On his way to the Gillette vehicle, Alberic runs into Toru, White Chaika, and Akari. Before Toru could answer, Fredrika flies in. Toru throws his saboteur weapons and informs Akari that he will no longer be a saboteur nor a brother. Toru asks Fredrica to make a contract with him. Fredrica bites Toru and asks him to eat her flesh, a protruding arm sticking from the side of her jaw. As a result, Toru transforms into a Dragoon Cavalier. After Toru leaves with White Chaika, Alberic bids them good luck and leaves while Akari makes her way to the throne room. Shortly afterwards, Toru drops White Chaika to safety without saying anything much to White Chaika's upset emotions.

In Gaz's fortress, Gaz informs Shin that his work is merely a gateway into the magic research. Gaz activates the "satellites" or Guys in Heaven in his plans to siphon off the emotions of the people all over the continent. Alberic finally reaches his destination and makes a report to Konrad. Back in the throne room, Akari arrives and informs Red Chaika that Black Chaika had consumed all the remains and revived Emperor Gaz. Black Chaika summons her corpse Chaika group while David and Selma arrives to see the fight between Black Chaika and Akari's group. Fyodor calls in a retreat because his army is not strong enough.

In the skies, Toru has Fredrika attack the barrier multiple times but in vain. White Chaika blasts a spot which encourages Toru to keep on trying. Then, Emperor Gaz opens the barrier to allow Toru after being impressed by Toru's persistance. Shin gains approval to fight Toru. Matheus and Zita conclude that Gaz's plans might activate by nightfall. In the heat of battle, Vivi falls over with multiple Chaikas pursuing her. Akari takes on Irina and Alina in her iron-blood transformation. Outside, White Chaika continues to blast at Gaz's fortress.

Inside Gaz's fortress, the former mentor and student, Shin and Toru, engage each in battle. As soon as Shin stabs Toru's shoulders, Toru extends his blade into Shin's abdomen. Having lost the fight, Shin acknowledges Toru's strength and admits that Toru wasn't cut out to be a saboteur as he dies shortly afterwards. The Guys welcome Toru into the throne room. Nikolai joins the fight to back up Vivi and Leonardo against the Chaika corpse puppets. After Akari slams one of the Purple Chaikas into her sister, Black Chaika attempts to blast both Akari and Red Chaika. As soon as Black Chaika used her spell and gets distracted, Selma fires her spell, nullifying Black Chaika's barriers. In unison, Red Chaika and Akari take down Black Chaika. Red Chaika knocks out Black Chaika, causing the Chaika corpse puppets to fall down.

With only two bullets left, White Chaika uses a locator spell to track down Toru. Gaz tries to convince Toru to join him after praising Toru's work. Toru declines and attacks Gaz in anger after flashes of memories of White Chaika flood his mind. Gaz immediately cuts Fredrika to pieces with his magic and stops Toru in his tracks. Gaz proceeds to impale Toru with multiple spears and slowly walks towards Toru to ask Toru to join him again. After Toru refuses, Gaz opens the fortress to blast Toru off his ship. In the nick of time, Chaika blasts a spell to protect Toru and Fredrica in a barrier. Gaz attempts to destroy White Chaika, but his Wand, Niva Lada, refuses to eliminate Chaika. Niva Lada levitates towards Chaika. White Chaika uses her memories since she is out of bullets, and she destroys Emperor Gaz with a powerful magical blast. Afterwards, Toru finds White Chaika lying motionless on the ground and cries out in sorrow.

After the revival of Gaz incident, Alberic concludes his report and announces that the Chaika incident is now over. Fyodor praises Alberic for his fine work. Konrad arrives to meet with Alberic's team and suggests to Alberic to take a break. Elsewhere, Red Chaika delivers grapes to Akari who finishes writing a prologue about two Saboteur siblings' love. Akari informs Red Chaika that Toru is outside with White Chaika. Making their way to a beautiful tree with white flowers, Toru helps White Chaika watch the falling flowers.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Black Chaika's ability is revealed in that she can control corpses like puppets. For Arina and Irina, they are the only ones who can talk.
  • New eyecatches are used in this episode.
  • After the Gaz incident, Albéric is promoted to chief of Kliemann Organization while Nicolai becomes leader of Alberic's old squad. Konrad is promoted as officer.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items Abilities
Black Chaika
  • The Gustilator
  • The Blaust

Toru Acura

  • Dragoon Cavalier Mode
  • The Burster
  • The Locator
  • The Shield
  • The Meraviglios (Niva Lada)
  • Else
  • Niva Lada
Akari Acura
  • Iron-Blood Transformation
Red Chaika
  • Snake Blade
  • The Breaker

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