Fortress in the Sky
Chaika Title Card 10
Season 1, Episode 10
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Kanji 天征く要塞
Rōmaji Ten Tadashi ku Yōsai
Air Date June 11, 2014
Ending Kairaku Genri
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Toru and Chaika go into town for magic fuel. He notices the town only has men. The shop owner whispers to Toru that the duke and his soldiers take all the girls by force. He does not know if the girls are alive or not. He urges Toru and Chaika to leave town. Toru and Chaika return to the camp where they prepare plans to infiltrate the airship, Soara. Toru asks Fredrika to aid them since she can fly. Fredrika refuses until Toru gives into her demand to a fight. Akari tells Fredrika not to damage Toru so Akari can stuff him. Later that night, Chaika, Akari, and Toru fly Fredrika's back to search for an opening in the fortress. The next day, the knights take the women by force and transport via magic into Duke Gavarni's airship, Soara. The wizard Grad Lancia welcomes the women. Akari sneaks inside with the women.

Meanwhile, Vivi and Zita scope the fortress for the duke. The two girls note the security is tighter as they ascend upward. In a meeting, a man argues that they should attack first with a punitive force before they invade Cadwell. Chief Konrad urges them to wait on his units to get more information before heading to battle. However, the majesty agrees on assembling a punitive force. Vivi and Zita sends their report about the fortress to Alberic. Zita wonders why the duke is operating the fortress. Chief Konrad calls Alberic to call his team to abandon the airship.

Meanwhile, the man assembles the Sixth Western Legion and the floating fortress Stratus to subjugate Duke Gavarni. In the sky, Toru, Chaika, and Fredrika jump into the armory room where Akari is. The group finds a large Gundo that consumes massive amounts of fossil fuel to power the fortress. Suddenly, one of the captain knights stabs Fredrika and throws over the bridge. The other knights pursue Toru and Chaika. Toru hides Chaika and notes that these knights are normal due to not crying out in pain. Nearby, Akari fights, but she loses the battle. In another room, Vivi and Zita receive a message from Fuchan, an owl.

Then, Grad greets Akari and informs her that they were aware of her group. Ricardo Gavarni arrives and looks forward to cutting up Akari. However, Grad states that Akari will be used to capture the other intruders. Ricardo informs Akari that Grad is moving the fortress and that three of them are working towards a common goal. Grad uses a drug and forces Akari to inhale it, so he can control her with his magic easily.

Elsewhere in the fortress, a mysterious girl named Layla asks Chaika and Toru to help her rescue the girls. Vivi and Zita are wondering how they will escape. Ricardo and Gard look forward to the confrontation with the allied forces. Ricardo bets Layla will be happy about their goals being close. Layla urges Chaika to come with her into the elevator, leaving Toru behind. Toru realizes it's a trap. Akari attacks Toru.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Fredrika states that she can be killed if she is stabbed in the head.
  • This episode uses two black eyecatches.

Moves Used

Grad - Appear, to take and subdue!

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