Kill the Temptation
Akame ga Kill Title 10
Season 1, Episode 10
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 誘惑を斬る
Rōmaji Yūwaku o Kiru
Air Date September 7, 2014
Adapted From 17, 18, 19
Opening Skyreach
Ending Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta
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Esdeath Grabs Tatsumi's Hand

Esdeath grabs Tatsumi's hand.

While the Jägers are carrying out their mission to wipe out a group in the outskirts of Imperial Capital, Tatsumi is with Esdeath, watching the group from afar. Tatsumi thinks about escaping, but his hand is grabbed firmly by Esdeath. At the entrance, Seryu shows off her two of her Judgement of the Ten Kings, #5 and #7. Dr. Stylish remarks how magnificent his invention is. Kurome kills a few men while Wave takes down an enemy around the corner and trying to look reliable in front of Kurome. Kurome mentions she knew the guy was there, making Wave feel useless. Bols easily burns down the enemies with his flamethrower. When some of the men try to escape, Run uses his Imperial Arm and fires feathers of an angel right through the men, killing them.

Amazed by the Jägers' powers, Tatsumi hopes to persuade Esdeath to the Revolutionary Army's side. Esdeath remarks she will train Tatsumi well. In Esdeath's bedroom, Tatsumi tries to be determined until Esdeath arrives with only her shirt, open to reveal her ample breasts. When Tatsumi asks Esdeath if she loves him, Esdeath immediately steals a kiss from Tatsumi. Tatsumi states that he is joining the Revolutionary Army and requests Esdeath to join him. He argues that he and she will be enemies if this continues. Esdeath states that Tatsumi will be only her sole lover. Tatsumi wishes for a kingdom where everyone can live as free as they can be. Esdeath argues that she cannot understand the weak and states that the strong lives while the weak dies by order of natural selection. Tatsumi refuses to accept Esdeath's principles and begs her to change it if he would accept her. Esdeath vows to change Tatsumi as she longs for Tatsumi's smile and everything about him. Tatsumi tries to get away when Esdeath asks him to sleep in bed with her. She promises him that she won't do anything to him. As Tatsumi heads for the shower, Esdeath realizes she could have shower with him, but she will wait for another opportunity.

Earlier, Esdeath introduces her lover, Tatsumi, to Tatsumi and asks Bol about advice in love. Bols informs Esdeath to never give up. The next day, Wave sees Tatsumi all sleep deprived. Tatsumi could not sleep as Esdeath was using him as a hug pillow. Wave tells Kurome to eat more seafood, but he gets insulted by Kurome who remarks she might smell like fish. Tatsumi notices similarities in Kurome to Akame and asks Kurome about her relationship to Akame. Kurome confirms Akame is her older sister and that she longs to kill her beloved sister. Esdeath arrives and asks the group to head out in a Danger Beast hunt over at Fake Mountain. Hiding behind the entrance, Dr. Stylish is suspicious about Tatsumi.

Over at Fake Mountain, Tatsumi and Wave take out tree-like Danger Beasts. After the battle is over, Wave finds Tatsumi missing. Tatsumi has used his Incursio to make his retreat. Concerned about Esdeath's punishment, Wave equips his Grand Chariot armor and finds Tatsumi, thinking he is Bulat of Night Raid. He attacks Tatsumi and points out that they carried heinous acts against the empire. Tatsumi argues that they are not evil people and jumps to get away and to avoid further confrontations. Wave catches up to Tatsumi easily and delivers a powerful kick, sending Tatsumi into the river. Wave tries to track down Tatsumi. However, Tatsumi uses his invisibility to trick Wave. When a lion-like Danger Beast encounters Tatsumi, Akame quickly kills it. Lubbock quickly grabs Akame and Tatsumi and head home.

Meanwhile, Seryu reports to Esdeath that she couldn't find the enemy as Esdeath has Kurome punish Wave. Run asks Esdeath what to do with Tatsumi. Esdeath responds that her subordinates live takes priority. Later that night, Dr. Stylish finds the Night Raid's hidden base due to his subordinates' tracking skills.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Out of the Jägers, Bols is the only one to have a family. He has been married for 6 years.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Esdeath Quote (Akame ga Kill Ep 10)

Esdeath: "I do not understand. I cannot understand how the weak feel. The universal law is survival of the fittest. The weak are eliminated by natural selection. Those who die are weak."

— Esdeath's Philosophy


Bols: "The trick to capturing your beloved's heart... Never give up! I, myself, was rejected twice... But I got another chance, and that's when she finally became mine!"

— Bol's Love Advice


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Weapons Abilities Moves


Judgement of the Ten Kings

  1. 5: Enma's Spear of Justice
  1. 7: Mount Taizan Cannon of Justice
Bols Purgatory's Invitation: Rubicante
Kurome Yatsufusa (Ability not activated)
Run Thousand-Mile Flight: Mastema
Wave Grand Chariot Grand Fall
Tatsumi Incursio Invisibility

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

Ch. 17

  • In the manga, there is a debriefing with Esdeath and her Jaegers before they attack the bandits' hideout. Each of the Jaegers state their resolve for their missions. Kurome and Bols did because it was an order while Wave did it to for a mentor he looked up.
  • The bandit scene is extended in the manga where Dr. Stylish reveals his experiments and more about his Imperial Arms to Run and Wave. Also, Bol's scene in of how the fire from his Imperial Arm does not get put out by fire only occurs in the manga.
  • Seryu's scene of touching Tatsumi is omitted from the anime.

Ch. 18

  • Only in the manga, Esdeath explains why she chose Kurome. She wants to confirm Kurome's abilities.
  • Esdeath asking Bols about love occurs in different locations. For the manga, it occurs along the way to the bandits' hideout.

Ch. 19

  • Only in the manga, Kurome drips hot candle wax on Wave's back due to Esdeath's orders.

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