Story Arcs

Major Story Arcs

Intro Arc

Elie is first seen in a casino gambling until she could save up enough money to get out of that town, a dream she recently had. While Elie was in the middle of betting, Haru accidentally looks up Elie's skirt, making him jostle and scream, ruining Elie's current bet. After tearing up nearly everything in the casino from her anger, Elie decides to leave in a flurry. However, Demon Card workers are there to stop her, however, she flees from them, then runs into Plue. After thinking Plue is a very large bug that is out to get her, Elie flees from him also, but Plue catches up to her quickly and with ease, showing his great speed.

While looking for Elie, the Demon Card henchmen found Plue and decided to enter him in the dog race to see if they could win some money. When Elie found out about the race, and saw Plue in it, she bet all her money on him. But when she found out all the animal cruelty involved in the race, she attempted to stop it. This was a mistake because Elie eventually got herself caught in their arms, luckily Haru came and saved both Elie and Plue. He reveals himself as the Rave Master and saves all the dogs, while Elie decides to leave and travel with Haru and Plue. When they leave, Elie tells the other two about her memory loss past the last year, and Haru explains that he will do anything to regain her memory and answer some of her questions. The inspiration and determination in his eyes gives her hope, and she gets excited to help out with finding the Rave. Later while traveling down a path, she falls into a large hole, and meets a girl by the name of Hole. She is a nice sweet girl with a big personality that Elie enjoys. Hole shows Elie all of the underground escape tunnels, and tells her that she assists enemies of the Demon Card escape them or have some type of "surprise." After the Hole incident, Haru runs into Shuda and begins to battle him, and actually his Ten Commandment Sword breaks in the process. Thankfully, Elie throws Plue at a local sign, giving Haru the distraction he needed to defeat the opponent. After finding out about the sword, Elie tells the other group members of a legendary blacksmith who was the best in the world, and could fix or make practically any type of sword, though he is located on Punk Street. Knowing how important his sword is to him, Haru decides that Elie's advice to go to Punk Street is the best way to fix his sword. While they are traveling, they run into Hole, a local digger that gives immense help to those who fight or are against the Demon Card organization, all of which occurs in Rave Master: Episode #2. We also learn more about Shiba and Haru's history.

Musica Arc

Elie and her gang heads to Punk Street to meet the legendary blacksmith who could possibly fix Haru's sword. While on their way, Elie makes a casual stop at a local casino, just as she always did. While at the casino, Elie runs into Hamrio Musica. At first, the way Hamrio acts and name leads Elie to believe he is the legendary blacksmith that she and the others of their group were looking for. She just didn't expect to meet him before they got to Punk Street, or so she thought. It turns out that he actually wasn't the legendary blacksmith they were looking, even though she was so sure he was.

Meeting Hamrio Musica

When Elie finally meets back up with Haru, they are all attacked by the Demon Card Group yet again. While they were fighting against the organization, Elie decides to try out a new upgrade that made her ton fans much more powerful. She called them "super" ton fans, and they were much more powerful than her previous ones, and proved effective in the fight. However, while fighting with them, she finds many flaws and difficulties as well, and decides to change them back to the usual amount of power and techniques, probably due to her familiarity with them. Due to her distraction, she was caught by the Demon Card general/executive Lance. In a crazed effort to save her, Musica shows that he is willing to risk his well-being to protect Elie, much like Haru. But while he is trying to save her, Elie is still trapped and trying to convince him that she was sexually assaulted, and was attempted to be rapes. When talking about this, it quickly sets Lance off so he attempts to kill her quickly and efficiently, but Haru again comes and saves her just in the nick of time.

While they are fighting, Elie watches because she was still trapped by Lance, and once again got the chance to see the amazing powers of the Rave shown by Haru's abilities. However, Haru is hurt and Musica tries to convince Elie to give him CPR, and while she attempts to do so Haru wakes up alert and shaken, and it both surprises and scares Elie. Later, Elie leaves with Haru and with a new friend, Griffon Kato, to the Land of the Falling Stars, there next destination. While on the way to the Land of the Falling Stars, Elie decides she needs to take a bath because she feels dirty and unclean, and Plue was around her while she was taking it. In the process of the bath, Plue begins to act weird and starts to shrivel up, thinking it to be her fault Elie is desperate to help Plue in any way she can and before Haru and the others finds out. Looking around, she discovers a plant that may be able to help him, but while retrieving it her feet begin to seriously bother her. She didn't wear any shoes, and the terrain around the plants weren't the best to be walking in without shoes, so that slowed down her goal immensely. Soon after, she was chased by a monster, and with her feet so sore, that made her very handicapped in the battle, until Haru comes to save her of course. When Elie eventually returns, she discovers that time will heal Plue's shriveled body.

Dancing Thunder Arc

During their trip to the Land of Falling Stars, Elie and the gang take a detour to the Village of Ska when it starts to rain hard and Elie gets into a traumatic look. As Haru leads her to the hotel, she falls asleep over there. When she wakes, she takes a bath and tries to remember her past. As soon as the lady of the hotel explain that the man of thunder might have caused the rain, Elie rushes out to meet the man in her flashbacks. She reaches the mansion, but she finds out it is Go. Elie tries to walk away from Go, but Go tries to show off his abs and strength. After offending Go when she tells Go that she is looking for a sexier man, Go starts pummeling the door. Suddenly, Haru uses explosion on the door which sends Haru flying across the room. Go's girlfriend, Rosa, appears and mistakes Elie for the Rave Master like Go. Rosa starts the music which causes all the males and Plue (gender still not known) to dance. Rosa and Elie battle with Rosa landing the first hit on Elie's belly. Elie hits Rosa there to get payback, but Rosa starts to use her chain sword and unleashes her dancing wolf attack. Yet, Elie shoots Rosa's chain sword and everywhere with her tonfas. This causes the chain sword to go wild, and Rosa begs someone to save her and her pretty face. Elie grabs the chain sword and stops it while being sympathetic to Rosa because she knows a girl's face is a precious thing.

Elie watches Rosa go over there and attempts to wake up Go, so Go can turn off

Elie Again Uses Plue As A Weapon

the rain. However, Go knocks out Rosa by accident, and he thinks Haru did it. The two fight each other. During the battle, Elie throws Plue at Go which Plue's nose smashes into Go's Dark Bring. When Rosa wakes up, she makes Go turn off the machine. Still, trouble arises when Go forgets how to turn off the rain machine. Elie and Haru get down while Plue saves the day by turning off the machine. Go who is dumbfounded reveals a picture of Sieg Hart to Elie, and she listens to Go's warnings about his elemental powers. When Elie gets back to the village, she celebrates with Haru and the villagers. Elie and Haru leave Ska Village after hearing a tip from the old man about a Rave hidden in the mountains.

Shuda Arc

Elie And Haru Riding the Motorcycle

Elie and Haru have a great time on their motorcycle ride to the Land of Falling Stars. She and her group reach the mines and discover Demon Card is already there. When Plue gets lost, Elie and Haru search in opposite directions. Elie and Griffon get caught by Demon Card soldiers until Elie uses her tonfas to threaten them to look away. As soon as Haru tries to find Elie, she plays a trick Haru and reveals her Demon Card clothes. After Elie gets Haru dressed, she stares at Gearhound who looks at her if she is familiar. However, the bear leaves without telling Elie.

Elie's triumphant laugh

Before Elie and Haru head inside the mines, a Demon Card soldier asks them about their tasks. Elie tells him that they are on delivery duty, and miraculously, gets the soldier to believe her. However, Elie's luck runs out when a Demon Card soldier finds out that they are the enemies. During the chase, Elie and Haru meet a dead end when they see a cliff hanging over a lake. Elie listen to Haru and hugs him. Haru grabs Elie and falls down. When Elie screams, Haru uses Griffon as a parachute. Another perverted scene occurs when Elie mistakenly sits on Griffon's face and Griffon blushes. As soon as Elie reaches ashore, she falls asleep with Plue and Griffon. After Haru uses Explosion and falls asleep, she greets Haru when he wakes up. She and the gang swallowed the pills from Dr. Schneider who save her group from the flowers. When the doctor fails to find the way to the Rave and causes the group to get lost, Elie decides to use Plue to guide them. Suddenly, Plue runs while the gang tries to follow Plue. However, Elie and the gang gets tired and falls asleep. When Elie is sleeping, Dr. Schneider tries to kill Haru, but he is stopped by Musica. Elie, who cannot move due to the Schneider's pills, learns the person is Hamrio Musica after he defeats Schneider and trap him with his silver whip. During the argument between Musica and Haru, Schneider escapes. When Musica tells Haru that he is going to take the Rave due to his bandit status, Haru tries to fight Musica. As soon as the two try to fight each other, Elie shoots both of them with her tonfas. When the two fall, she claims she is the captain while the two are her servants. She nominates Plue to be sergeant and Griffon, second to Plue.

Plue discovers a hidden door where Elie reads the ancient Symphonia hieroglyphs and tells everyone that the Rave is inside. At first, everyone is confused on how Elie can read the language, but Haru tries to enter. Elie finds out that Gearhound is the protector of the Rave. After Haru defeats Gearhound and passes his test, she listens to Gearhound's explanation about Shiba living life to the fullest even though all those years he spent was wasteful. Elie and the others wait for Haru to get the Rave of Knowledge. After Haru obtain the Rave, he and Gearhound perform a ritual and swear an oath to never stop fighting until the world is at peace. When Gearhound is going to afterlife, she and Plue sheds tears over Gearhound's passing. However, the mood changes when Shuda barges in and destroys the grave of Symphonia soldiers.

When Shuda raises his airship, Rhapsodia, Elie and Musica are separated from Haru. Elie faces a perverted, fat man named Busha, and she attempts to back away from him when he pressures her to play tag. Although Musica tries to protect Elie, she and Musica gets trapped by Busha's glue pia. During the battle, Elie gets hit by Shuda's explosion and then Musica gets hit by Shuda's attack as well. When Musica continues to fight Busha and Lugas until she fires Lugas in the back. She helps Musica, and Musica finishes off Busha. Busha still pesters Elie and Musica with the machine guns on the ship. When Plue crashes into the ground creating a hole, Elie and Musica jump in. Lugas grabs Elie after she claims that she can take care of herself. As soon as Musica tosses his necklace to Lugas, he attacks Lugas. Busha grabs the necklace and torments Elie by pressuring to play games with him. Elie fires on Busha while Musica gets rid of Busha for good. When After Haru defeats Shuda and drops on Musica, Elie gives Haru first aid. While escaping from the exploding ship caused by Lugas's actions, Elie finds a jet, and she and her group use the jet to escape. Although the jet is going to crash, Hebi and the Silver Rhythm Gang have their air ship catch the jet in the nick of time.

Mystery of Elie Arc

Elie has fun at the beach with Plue. After Plue pops two beach balls, Elie tries to use Griffon as the ball. The beach fun ends when Haru suggests that they go to the Symphonia museum to pick up some tips on the next Rave's whereabouts. At the museum, Elie finds Plue's portrait which does not resemble Plue. When the manager takes Elie and her group for a tour, she begins to have migraines. She leaves the room to get some fresh air, but she wanders into a closed site, Resha Valentine's display room. As Elie reads the plaque, she finds out Resha is the creator of the Rave and died mysteriously. Elie's mind drifts into a flashback where she remembers placing flowers on a grave with someone behind her. Elie stops remembering and wonders who was that person behind her. She tries to figure why Resha looks like her. With all these questions in her mind, she exits the museum and screams at the sky.

Sieg Hart Tells Elie Of Her Past As # 3173

When Elie is crying by herself, Sieg Hart finds her. Elie recognizes Sieg Hart and ask him if he knows about her past. She follows Sieg Hart as he explains that he is guardian of time who protects time from all threats. Sieg Hart explains that Etherion is the most dangerous enemy, and even after Resha's death, people continue to experiment on Etherion. Elie learns that Sieg Hart has named her #3173, the survivor of a Etherion that lab he destroyed one year ago. Despite Elie's demand to find out her past, Sieg Hart tells her that fate is cruel and if she did not have Etherion, she would have live a normal life. Sieg Hart tells Elie that he will kill painlessly. After Elie gets electrocuted multiple times, Sieg Hart decides to shoot poison element in her mouth. (During this battle, Elie learns how Etherion created the Rave) Elie starts having spasms in her body as she suffers unimaginable pain. She starts having flashbacks of her family and dog. When Sieg Hart is about to deliver the final volt, Haru saves her.

Elie and Haru talk for a moment. She tells Haru that she is going to die, but she thanks Haru for giving her memories. She asks Haru how they first met. When Haru tells her that he still remembers the color of her panties, Elie calls him a pervert. Before she faints, she hears Haru's promise in a whisper. After Haru's battle and discovering Runesave, Sieg Hart sends Haru into Altairis. At the same time when Sieg Hart gets stabbed by Reina, Ellie goes into the Altairis to help Haru. When Elie finds that Haru is petrified, she cries on him. One of her tears land on the Rave which sends Haru out of Altairis and activates her Etherion magic. Despite Sieg Hart's pessimistic choices that Haru has to choose, she is saved by Haru when he uses Runesave to seal her magic. Although Etherion is stopped, Reina attacks Haru and the others and tries to kidnap Elie. Musica jumps in to repel Reina's attack. Suddenly, Jegan appears and takes Reina with him. Sieg Hart tells Haru and the others that they must get stronger and head to Lyrics Continent to find the Rave of Conflict. After the battle is over, Elie wants Haru to fulfill his promise to celebrate on the beach to see the ocean. Elie has a wonderful time at the beach with her friends.

Tower of Din Arc

After a day of casino and gambling in Blue City and meeting perverted men (Big Butt Bandits), Elie and the gang arrive to Lyrics Continent and fall under the desert sands. Elie watches Haru and Fura fight each other and invasion of the demons. When Haru and Musica defeats the demon, she takes the credit with Haru for beating the demons. Solasido, who notices Haru's Rave, tells them to meet Remmy. In the throne room, Elie learns more about the demons and that Remmy will give up the Rave. She notices Haru is acting strange when he hears the word "Gale." After Haru declines Remmy's plea for help, Haru exits the room. Elie and the gang try to look for Haru, and Musica realizes Haru head to the Tower of Din by himself because Gale could be his father.

Elie touches Haru's arm

After arriving to the Tower of Din, Elie and the gang get attack by demons, but Shuda easily wipes them out. Shuda tells them to head inside the tower to help Haru. Inside the tower, Elie guides her group to another exit since she somehow knew the layout of the tower. Once Haru is about to get killed by Rionette and Ron, Elie fires at them. She calls Haru an idiot for going out alone. After Remmy realizes King's goal to recreate Overdrive and complete End of Earth (Dark Bring), Ltiangle uses Soul Palace to separate Elie and the gang into different scenes where their souls truly want to rest. Elie finds herself with Remmy, Plue, and Griffon in an area mixed with an island, temple, and a wasteland. Elie realizes they are very vulnerable since they are the weakest team. Suddenly, Rionette appears and steps on their shadows. He explains that his Shadow Doll allows him to immobilize them by stepping on a person's shadow. Elie cannot do anything and watches him squeeze Remmy's head slowly. When Solasido comes out of Remmy's house, he attacks Rionette. As Solasido and Rionette fight, Griffon tells Elie that they need a distraction, and Griffon suggests perverted diversions requiring Elie to embarrassed herself. Elie tells Griffon to distract Rionette. When Griffon gets Rionette's attention, he flings Plue at him. Elie watches Solasido use telekinesis on Plue and destroys Rionette's Dark Bring with Arial Plue, and she shoots Rionette with her tonfas which the guardian falls in defeat. After Musica has defeated Ltiangle, and Haru has defeated Racas and Let, the Soul Palace shatters. When Haru tells them to go home to take care of the wounded, Elie wants Haru to promise her that he will come back. Haru places his hand on her and reassures that he will come back and that he will find her memories.

Elie and the others run to the outside of the tower. After Plue runs after Haru, Elie and Griffon runs to get the first aid kit and supplies from Griffon's car. On the way, Elie finds Clea Maltese who is a bird guardian. Solasido and Remmy reach Elie and Clea. After Clea tells Remmy that her purpose is done, she hands the Rave of Combat to Elie. Elie watches Clea and Remmy hug, and Clea passes on to the afterlife. Eventually, Elie reaches the top of the tower where Haru and Gale are fighting King. She gives the Rave to Haru who drops the Rave into Plue's paw. Elie watches Haru's battle with King. As King finished using Melforce, Plue walks up when King uses Desperado Bomb. According to Haru, the Rave of Combat allows Plue to have a force field. Haru unleashes a series of attack on King and defeat him. Elie and Plue dance to celebrate Haru's victory. However, King has risen again and he uses Monster Prison to become stronger.

After King has leveled the place, Haru and Gale rush at King, but King beats Haru into the ground while Gale slashes King to protect Haru. Gale asks Elie to take Haru away. Elie asks Gale to come back alive as she leaves the scene. Yet, Haru who wakes up jumps back in the battle. Gale and Haru unleashed their final attack on King. Since King is still breathing, he still tries to attack. Gale stops Elie and Haru from helping and allow King to hit him. According to Gale, King has lost all of his strength but still has his fighting spirit. Elie watches Gale who refuses to kill King which makes King activate End of Earth, a Dark Bring. King explains that he has send Overdrive to Demon Card, and as King and Gale share their last moments together, Elie and Haru cry during King's last moment.

The tower begins to collapse, and Elie clears away the falling rocks with her tonfas. She stops to laugh at Haru and Gale's argument. Suddenly, a rock starts to fall on top of Elie, but Let saves Elie by smashing the rock. A cruel twist of fate, Elie watches Gale fall in with Haru following him. Let tells Elie to believe them. She drags Haru's sword and exits with Let and Plue. During Haru and Gale's last moments, Elie watches the tower with Solasido and Remmy. After Gale dies protecting Haru, Elie visit Haru and Gale's grave. She brings Fura's cookies and Gale's clothes. After some conversation about sewing and other things, a photo comes out flying from Gale's clothes. Elie gazes at the family photo, and when Haru flips the photo to the back, Haru gets a painful shock which causes him cry. Elie tries to calm Haru, but he grabs her shoulder and cries heavily about wanting to see his father again. As a result, Elie starts to cry, too.

Symphonia Arc

Haru and the gang are now traveling to Symphonia after Gale was killed and Haru's determination spiked that much more. However, while they were on there way, Elie catches a glimpse of a casino and of course, forces everyone to stop so she can go and gamble a little. Just as Elie was teaching Haru the ropes of the casino, and more specifically how to play poker (her favorite game) they are attacked. The attacker ends up being Doryu, one of the Demon Kings and a very powerful foe. However, when they were attacked they didn't know that Plue was Doryu's real target, because he wanted to give him to the Casino owner, Ruby.

After the capture of Plue, Ruby starts to see signs of Doryu's evil, signs that he didn't see before. Because of this, he becomes frightened of his power and decides to join Haru's group so he can stay safe.

Later, when they get to Symphonia, they meet Lucia Raregroove. However, this wouldn't be a nice meeting with Elie, because he kisses her with much hardness and force that she begins to wail and cry, due to her embarrassment and shock.

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