Diane main image (Seven Deadly Sins)
Kanji ディアンヌ
Rōmaji Diannu
Aliases Lady Diane
Serpent's Sin of Envy
Race Giant
Gender Female
Birthday December 24
Height 915 cm
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Brown
Affiliations The Seven Deadly Sins
Manga The Seven Deadly Sins Volume #1: Chapter #4
Anime The Seven Deadly Sins Episode #2
Japanese Aoi Yūki

Diane is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins group, and her sin is envy as she is known as the Serpent's Sin of Envy.


Diane was previously a part of the Giant’s Clan but she later left due to unknown reasons. During her travels, she met a few knights who drew their swords and attacked her for being form the Giant’s Clan. Before they could attack, Meliodas quickly arrived and began attacking them. He then began to chastise them for attacking a single girl. After the knights retreated, Meliodas asked Diane if she was scared which made her feel as if she was his size. Diane later became one of the Seven Deadly Sins along with Meliodas.

She, along with the other members of the Seven Deadly Sins, was summoned by the Great Holy Knight for unknown reasons. They entered the room only to find the Great Holy Knight screwed by many weapons. The castle was then quickly surrounded by all of the Holy Knights of the kingdom. Diane was somehow able to escape the castle and ended up in the Forest of White Dreams where she forced the Prankster Imps to hide her.


Diane was created by Nakaba Suzuki as one of the main characters in the series. Her character is mainly inspired by the giants, a creature from mythology.


Since her introduction, Diane has regained her Sacred Treasure and eliminated his dislike of Elizabeth through the various trails and adventures they have shared.


Diane towers over mainly all of the characters at her height of 30ft (914cm). She has pink eyes and brown hair often in a twin tail. Diane also has a curvaceous figure and child-like face which she retains over her ten years away from the other Sins. The symbol of the Serpent is located on her left outer thigh. Diane’s main attire is a one-piece orange suit, a pair of orange boots that almost reach her knees and a fingerless gauntlet made up of a blue material and covered with studs.

While looking for ingredients alongside Elizabeth during the Bzyel fight arc, she and Elizabeth shrunk in size due to startling a King Trumpet type mushroom called the Chicken Mantango. In this state she is about Elizabeth’s size and wore Elizabeth’s clothing, a purple blouse with a black ribbon, a dark mini skirt and a black stocking on the left leg.


Diane is generally a friendly person to people who are friendly to her. She cares deeply for Meliodas and often cuddles him. However she often throws tantrums, often against Meliodas, when she is upset or envious. She is also shown to be very caring and helpful when innocent people are in danger. Diane is also shown to be afraid of bugs.


  • Meliodas - Diane has a huge and open crush for Meliodas, but Meliodas does not return those feelings. Instead he views Diane as his friend and nothing more. He will not do the perverted things with Diane that he often does with Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth Lyonesse - Initially Diane was jealous of the attention she received from Meliodas and to an extent still is, but before she despised Elizabeth for this. Now she merely envies her. She in fact views Elizabeth as a close friend and has been gruesomely injured in an attempt to rescue her, and has cared for her when she was injured.
  • King - Diane is very friendly with King, however she seems to be oblivious of the latter's feelings for her.

Story Arcs

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