Devil Fruits are objects related to the One Piece Franchise.


Devil Fruit are mythical fruits that grant the person who ate it, superhuman abilities. It is noted that these fruits taste terrible when eaten. There can only be one of each type of Devil Fruit at a time and there is said to be over 100 of them. To gain the powers from the fruit, the user does not actually have to eat the whole thing. Just by eating the peel or one bite will be sufficient. After that bite though, the rest of the fruit becomes useless in terms of power giving.

There are many different types of powers that the Devil Fruit can give a person. These type are separated into different categories. For example Luffy is a Paramecia-Type, Chopper is a Zoan-Type and Crocodile is a Logia-Type. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The Devil Fruit also give the user a weakness. In the world of One Piece the sea is a very important place and eating a Devil Fruit makes it very dangerous because the users are not able to swim and will lose all of there strength in water. Water of any form will affect them but only when some part of them is submerged. Rainfall and being doused in water will not render the user useless. Sea stone emits the power of the sea, if a Devil Fruit user make contact with Sea stone they will lose there strength

In the world of One Piece, Devil Fruit is a highly sought after item. It can easily fetch over 100,000,000 Bellies (Berries). Sometimes Devil Fruit users are sold as slaves for labor work.


It was well believed that no person could possibly hold two Devil Fruit powers at once. If a Devil Fruit user was to try and eat a second Devil Fruit. It would kill whoever tried.

This limit was somehow broken by Marshall D. Teach, after he and his crew killed Whitebeard. When Teach emerged from the black cloth, somehow he had both his own darkness powers, but also the earthquake powers of Whitebeard.



Paramecia-Types are what you will see mostly in the series. This fruit give the person some type of superhuman ability. Such as Luffy's ability to stretch his body. Also these users are able to manipulate their environment or create some sort of substance.


Zoan-Types are the people or animals who are able to change into other animals. Such as Choppers ability to walk and talk like a Human, or Pierre which is able to transform into a horse.


Logia-Types are the rarest types of Devil Fruit. People who eat this are able to turn into some sort of element. With this they can manipulate themselves and also get every ability related to this element. They are able to regenerate themselves with this power as well. An example of someone who uses this fruit is Eneru.

Object Eating

The scientist Vegapunk had somehow developed a manner for certain object to "eat" a Devil Fruit and gain it's powers. It was this technique that explains the existence of the dog bazooka, Lassou; and the Elephant Sword, Funkfreed.

Known Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit Nickname First Appearance Type User
Gum-Gum Fruit Rubber Man Vol. 1 Paramecia Monkey D. Luffy
Sand-Sand Fruit Sand Man Vol. 15 Logia Crocodile
Flower-Flower Fruit - Vol. 13 Paramecia Nico Robin
Human-Human Fruit - Vol. 16 Zoan Tony Tony Chopper
Revive-Revive Fruit - Vol. 46 Paramecia Brook
Rumble-Rumble Fruit Lightning Man Vol. 26 Logia Enel
Chop-Chop Fruit Chop Man Vol. 2 Paramecia Buggy
Cat-Cat Fruit: Model Leopard Leopard Man Vol. 37 Zoan Rob Lucci
Wax-Wax Fruit Wax Man Vol. 14 Paramecia Mr.3
Flame-Flame Fruit Fire Man Vol. 18 Logia Portgas D. Ace
Bird-Bird Fruit: Model Falcon Falcon Man Vol. 17 Zoan Pell
Dice-Dice Fruit Blade Man Vol. 18 Paramecia Daz Bones
Mutt-Mutt Fruit: Model Jackal Jackal Man Vol. 22 Zoan Chaka
Glint-Glint Fruit Light Man Vol. 52 Logia Kizaru
Spike-Spike Fruit Spike Woman Vol. 21 Paramecia Ms.Doublefinger
Human-Human Fruit: Model Daibutsu Buddha Man Vol. 58 Zoan Sengoku
Dark-Dark Fruit Darkness Man Vol. 45 Logia Marshall D. Teach
Tremor-Tremor Fruit Quake Man Vol. 57 Paramecia Edward Newgate/Marshall D. Teach
Ox-Ox Fruit: Model Giraffe Giraffe Man Vol. 40 Zoan Kaku
Smoke-Smoke Fruit Smoke Man Vol. 11 Logia Smoker
Love-Love Fruit - Vol. 53 Paramecia Boa Hancock
Ice-Ice Fruit Ice Man Vol. 32 Logia Aokiji
Mutt-Mutt Fruit: Model Dachshund - Vol. 20 Zoan Lassoo
Paw-Paw Fruit Paw Man Vol. 49 Paramecia Bartholomew Kuma
Magma-Magma Fruit Magma Man Vol. 57 Logia Akainu
Snake-Snake: Model King Cobra Cobra Man Vol. 53 Zoan Boa Marigold
Door-Door Fruit Door Man Vol. 34 Paramecia Blueno
Swamp-Swamp Fruit Swamp Man Vol. 61 Logia Caribou
Slow-Slow Fruit Slow Man Vol. 33 Paramecia Foxy
Ox-Ox Fruit: Model Bison Bison Man Vol. 15 Zoan Dalton
Munch-Munch Fruit Chomp Man Vol. 15 Paramecia Wapol
Elephant-Elephant Fruit - Vol. 42 Zoan Funkfreed
Hollow-Hollow Fruit Ghost Woman Vol. 46 Paramecia Perona
Snake-Snake Fruit: Model Anaconda Anaconda Woman Vol. 53 Zoan Boa Sandersonia
Bubble-Bubble Fruit Bubble Woman Vol. 40 Paramecia Kalifa
Horse-Horse Fruit - Vol. 26 Zoan Pierre
Bind-Bind Fruit Cage Woman Vol. 24 Paramecia Hina
Mole-Mole Fruit Mole Woman Vol. 20 Zoan Miss Merry Christmas
Slip-Slip Fruit Smooth Woman Vol. 6 Paramecia Alvida
Mutt-Mutt Fruit: Model Wolf Wolf Man Vol. 40 Zoan Jabra
Kilo-Kilo Fruit Kilogram Woman Vol. 13 Paramecia Miss Valentine
Mark-Mark Fruit Target Man Vol. 62 Paramecia Vander Decken IX
Snip-Snip Fruit Cut Man Vol. 55 Paramecia Inazuma
Clear-Clear Fruit Invisible Man Vol. 46 Paramecia Absalom
Wheel-Wheel Fruit Wheel Man Vol. 44 Paramecia Sharinguru
Spring-Spring Fruit Spring Man Vol. 25 Paramecia Bellamy
Clone-Clone Fruit Copy Man Vol. 18 Paramecia Bon Kurei
Bomb-Bomb Fruit Bomb Man Vol. 13 Paramecia Mr.5
Berry-Berry Fruit Berry Man Vol. 44 Paramecia Very Good
Shadow-Shadow Fruit Shadow Man Vol. 46 Paramecia Gekko Moriah
Horm-Horm Fruit - Vol. 55 Paramecia Emporio Ivankov
Rust-Rust Fruit Rust Man Vol. 44 Paramecia Shu
Venom-Venom Fruit Poison Man Vol. 54 Paramecia Magellan
Wash-Wash Fruit Wash Woman Vol. 57 Paramecia Tsuru
Op-Op Fruit Operation Man Vol. 52 Paramecia Trafalgar Law
Gas-Gas Fruit Gas Man Vol. 67 Logia Ceasar Clown
Sala-Sala Fruit: Model Axolotl - n/a Zoan Smiley
Snow-Snow Fruit Snow Woman n/a Logia Monet
Arms-Arms Fruit Weapon Woman n/a Paramecia Baby 5
Spin-Spin Fruit Spin Man n/a Paramecia Buffalo

Man Made

SMILE / SAD - Artificial Devil Fruit

Vegapunk have try to make artificial devil fruit, but the experiments have fail.

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