The anime adaptation is produced by Dream Creation and Creators in Pack TOKYO and ran on the following networks: TVS, KBS, tvk, Sun TV, AT-X. It's legally streamed on Crunchyroll.

List of Episodes

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
1 Danchigai Title 01 Building One: The Yumeno Apartments
一号棟 夢野団地
Ichi Gōtō Yumeno Danchi
July 9, 2015
2 Danchigai Title 02 Building Two: The Twins' Homework
二号棟 双子の宿題
Ni Gōtō Futago no Shukudai
July 16, 2015
3 Danchigai Title 03 Building Three: Mutsuki's True Colors
三号棟 夢月の素顔
San Gōtō Mutsuki no Sugao
July 23, 2015
4 Danchigai Title 04 Building Four: Curry and Rice
四号棟 カレーライス
Yon Gōtō Karēraisu
July 30, 2015
5 Danchigai Title 05 Building Five: Satsuki's Anime Clock
五号棟 咲月のアニメ時計
Go Gōtō Satsuki no Anime Tokei
August 6, 2015
6 Danchigai Title 06 Building Six: The Siblings' Multiplication
六号棟 姉妹のかけ算
Roku Gōtō Shimai no Kakezan
August 13, 2015
7 Danchigai Title 07 Building Seven: The Apartment Complex's Pool Opening
七号棟 団地でプール開き
Nana Gōtō Danchi de Pūru Biraki
August 20, 2015
8 Danchigai Title 08 Building Eight: Definitely Siblings
八号棟 姉妹ですね
Hachi Gōtō Shimai desu ne
August 27, 2015
9 Danchigai Title 09 Building Nine: For the Love of Pranks
Kyū Gōtō Itazura Daisuki
September 3, 2015
10 Danchigai Title 10 Building Ten: Mutsuki's Request
十号棟 夢月お•ね•が•い
Jū Gōtō Mudzuki o• ne• ga• i
September 10, 2015
11 Danchigai Title 11 Building Eleven: How Yayoi Nurses
十一号棟 弥生の看病
Jū Ichi Gōtō Yayoi no Kanbyō
September 17, 2015
12 Danchigai Title 12 Building Twelve: The Bond Between Haruki and His Sisters
十二号棟 晴輝と姉妹達の絆
Jū Ni Gōtō Haruki to Shimai-tachi no Kizuna
September 24, 2015

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