Daidara main image
Kanji ダイダラ
Rōmaji Daidara
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color White
Hair Color Blond
Occupations Assassin
Affiliations The Empire
Teams Three Beasts
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #3: Chapter #10
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #7
Japanese Anri Katsu
English Christopher Ayres


Daidara is one of the 3 Beasts, the elite subordinates of the sadistic general Esdeath, who is hailed as the Empire's greatest warrior. The training to join the group is so harsh it kills most who attempt it. Outside of this training the Beasts are most known for their brutality, and their absolute loyalty to Esdeath. All 3 carry Imperial Arms, rare and treasured artifacts of the empire. Little is known about Daidara's history before joining the Beasts.

He was seen in Najenda's flashback where Esdeath, the Three Beasts, and her men ravaged the southwest tribe's land. [Ep. 9]


Daidara is an antagonist created by TAKAHIRO & Tetsuya Tashiro for their manga series, Akame Ga Kill! He is introduced in chapter 10. It's speculated that his name stems from Daidarabotchi, a gigantic yōkai in Japanese mythology.



He is a very large and thick-set man with very long, bushy hair which he wears tied back, and a thin beard but no moustache. Daidara has blank eyes and a distinct hairband with horn-like protrusions which add to his beast-like image. Alike the other two Beasts, he wears a black officer's uniform which bears several cross-shaped emblems. He is said to be in his Thirties.


He is generally an upbeat and lightly enthusiastic figure who spends much of his time smiling. He seeks to become stronger and stronger through his battles, and is eager to fight strong, challenging opponents. He has an odd way of speaking about this, referring to "gaining experience" and "leveling up" as though he were a roleplaying game character. Daidara is a straightforward and unsophisticated individual, happy to leave the serious thinking to Esdeath and Liver, unconcerned with the reasons behind his orders, but carrying them out enthusiastically.

As one of the 3 Beasts, he is utterly loyal and devoted to Esdeath. Despite his status as an unrepentant killer, he is still disgusted by Nyau's hobby of carving off and collecting his victims' faces.

Powers & Abilities

Having undergone Esdeath's brutal training, Daidara is a powerful warrior with immense, physical strength. His battle axe requires tremendous strength to lift, much less use as a weapon, and Daidara is more than capable in applying it in battle, having slaughtered an entire squad of guards with one swing of it before.

Imperial Arm - Belvaac

The axe that Daidara carries is an Imperial Arm, one of 48 artifacts of great power created by the first Emperor 1000 years ago. Belvaac is incredibly heavy and requires enormous strength to use, but yields fantastic, destructive force in return, able to split groups of people or a carriage in half with a single blow. It can also be divided into two smaller axes and can be thrown at targets, whereupon it will home in on them.

Prior to being taken up by Daidara, the axe was offered to Esdeath herself.

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