Cooler (Character) Main Image
Kanji クウラ
Rōmaji Kuura
Aliases Metal Cooler
Meta-Cooler Core
Race Frieza Race
Gender Male
Affiliations Planet Trade Organization
Relatives Chilled (Ancestor)
King Cold (Father)
Frieza (Brother)
Film Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge
Japanese Ryūsei Nakao
English Andrew Chandler

Cooler is a character in the Dragon Ball franchise. Cooler is the older and more powerful brother of Frieza.


Cooler was the elder brother of Frieza, and was a member of the planet trade organization. Like the majority of Frieza's family, Cooler's history was not well known. Cooler had often complained to himself and to his enemies about his brother Frieza being spoiled and a pest. Despite Cooler being older, his younger brother was the head of the Planet Trade Organization due to him being stronger than Cooler. He confirmed Frieza was stronger than him in the anime.

"For a while he had the edge"
- Cooler

Cooler would later surpass his brother with a 5th transformation. Cooler said he would have killed Frieza himself if he had the chance. Cooler, like his brother, was given the task of conquering and destroying planets for the Planet Trade Organization.


Final Form

Cooler is able to transform one more time than Frieza could. Cooler dramatically increases in height and muscle mass. He forms a large crescent on his head and develops a face guard. Like his brother, Cooler seems to act more brutally, fighting in a more barbaric manner while losing his sophistication (like Frieza did in his 2nd form). Cooler becomes more narcissistic and overconfident in his abilities, claiming to be the strongest in the universe. Though his power had grown exponentially, he was still no match for a Super Saiyan.

His power level, like most villains after the Frieza saga, was never mentioned. It's assumed to be well above 150,000,000 since Frieza's forms dramatically increased with each transformation. (Frieza's 1st form: 530,000, 2nd form: 1,000,000, 3rd: unknown, 4th 120,000,000 at max.

Metal Cooler

Cooler was blasted into pieces after his duel with Goku. Only a small piece of him (his eye and what remained of his brains) remained. He was able to attach himself to a symbiote-like element, which he called the "Big Gette Star". The Big Gette Star kept him alive. Cooler was able to command the Big Gette Star to do as he wished. He invaded Namek a while after he was defeated by Goku. He was able to produce his current form known as "Meta Cooler".

Meta Cooler is even more powerful than Cooler was in his final form, being able to deal with 2 veteran Super Saiyan toe to toe. If damaged, the Meta Cooler could heal itself and correct itself of its imperfections. For example, when Cooler lost his left arm, he was able to regenerate it and his armor became stronger. When he was destroyed by Goku and Vegeta, the Big Gette Star saw the problem as there not being enough Meta Coolers, and then an Army of Meta Coolers were made and were able to overpower Goku and Vegeta.

The real Cooler (form un-named) was at the heart of the Big Gette Star. Unlike his Meta Coolers, he was not able to cure his imperfections.

Meta Cooler's power level is unknown. Meta Cooler, however, is stronger than both Androids 19 and 20.

Powers & Abilities

Alien Physiology: Cooler's powers derive from his alien heritage, very similar to that of his brother Frieza and his father. This makes Cooler stronger and faster than most humans and other aliens throughout the DBZ Universe.

  • Superhuman Strength: Cooler's physical strength easily surpasses most beings in the universe. Though the true magnitude of his strength isn't known he can lift over 1 ton (seeing as Kid Goku with a power level of 10 could lift a car which weighs 1 tons max). It's conceivable that his strength is over 18 tons seeing as Post-Frieza Saga Vegeta was able to train while weighing this amount. (It was stated in the manga). Therefore Cooler is able to lift over 20 tons as he easily surpasses that incarnation of Vegeta. The manga also stated that Frieza was able to destroy Planet Namek with his strength. This leads to the conclusion that Cooler may be able to lift over 100 tons seeing as a feat like that would require that kind of strength. His fourth form also surpasses his brother in power and strength. He is also able to increase his physical strength by training or powering up.
  • Superhuman Speed: This is something that he hasn't really displayed to a great extent. Though in the manga Kid Goku was able to move at the speed of lightning (half the speed of light) so it's possible that he can move at super sonic speeds seeing as Master Roshi and Krillin were able to move and fight at speeds to fast for the human eye to see. He clearly outclasses them so he can probably move faster than that.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Like his brother, Cooler is able to fight and remain active for prolonged peroids of time. As the manga had Goku being active for over a few hours so Cooler should be capable of this too.
  • Superhuman Durability: He can also withstand great impacts that most beings cannot sustain. His brother (in a weakened state) was able to withstand the planet namek explosion. Seeing as he is Frieza's superior, he is also capable of this. He wasn't able to withstand the heat and intensity of the sun.
  • Transformation: All members of his race are capable of transforming into new forms. Unlike Saiyans, they can sometimes create their forms, seeing as Frieza created forms to limit his power. Cooler was able to achieve a new form surpassing him brother Frieza.
  • Telekinesis: He displayed this in his final form after defeating Goku. He is able to lift great amount of weights and manipulate them.
  • Ki Manipulation: This is the most common ability shared by most beings in the Dragon Ball franchise. He is capable of manipulating his body's energy to fly at super sonic speeds, project energy to destroy multiple planets or augmenting his own physical abilties. He can fire energy from his hands or eyes.
  • Instant Transmission: This is a technique he learnt, he is able to instantly teleport to various locations that he knows or can detect energy life/ki.
  • Self-Sustainting: He is able to survive in the vacuum of space and he can remain alive after withstanding fatal injuries, without any need for food or water. Like when the sun destroyed most of his body, he was able to live as just a piece of his head.
  • Meta Cooler: After he was sent hurling into the sun, he was badly damaged but was able to teleport away where he merged with a chip that was absorbing machines. He was able to take control over the ship and create his own metallic bodies which he could operate remotely. This drones possessed power surpassing that of his Final Form. He also obtained regeneration, which allowed him to correct the flaws which allowed for the injury to occur. So he can't be hurt the same way twice.
  • The Big Gete Star: As Meta Cooler, he has access to the Big Gete Star. As his main body lives within the ship. Meta Cooler is simply one of thousands of clones. Therefore allowing him to send hundreds of Meta Coolers into battle.

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