Connie Springer
Connie Springer
Kanji コニー・スプリンガー
Rōmaji Konī Supuringā
Race Human
Gender Male
Birthday May 2nd
Height 158 cm
Weight 58 kg
Hair Color Gray
Affiliations 104th Trainees Squad (Former)
Survey Corps
Manga Attack on Titan Volume 1 Chapter 1
Anime Attack on Titan Episode 1
Japanese Hiro Shimono
English Chifford Chapin

Connie Springer is part of the 104th Trainee Corps.


Connie Springer is created by Hajime Isayama.


He demonstrates superior physical agility, but lacks mental agility.

— Keith Shadis (Episode 4)


He is lightly tanned, young man with a shaved head. He is a light build person who is 158 centimeters tall and weights 58 kilograms.


He is a determined person who refuses to give up in times of hardship as demonstrated in these two examples. When Ymir tells Connie to leave Armin who is devastated over the loss of his comrades, Connie would try to snap Armin out of it. When Jean says it is over after the supply room is overrun by Titans, Connie tells him that they have to take a chance to survive.


Story Arcs

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