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List of Episodes

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
1 Classroom Crisis Ep 1 Title The Transfer Student Who Came in Late
Okuretekita Tenkōsei
July 3, 2015
2 Classroom Crisis Ep 2 Title Classroom Downsizing
Risutora no Kyōshitsu
July 10, 2015
3 Classroom Crisis Ep 3 Title The Woman Came From the Accounting Department
Keiribu Kara Kita Onna
July 17, 2015
4 Classroom Crisis Ep 4 Title Clash! Union Battle / Kirishina City
Gekitotsu! Yunion Batoru
July 24, 2015
5 Classroom Crisis Ep 5 Title The Shame of the Journey Overrides
Tabi no Haji wa Uwagaki
July 31, 2015
6 Classroom Crisis Ep 6 Title Family of Shame
Jikuji taru Ichizoku
August 7, 2015
7 Classroom Crisis Ep 7 Title Hanako Hattori's Longest Day
Hattori Hanako no Ichiban Nagai Hi
August 14, 2015
8 Classroom Crisis Ep 8 Title Money, Elections, and School Festivals
Kane to Senkyo to Gakuen Sai
August 21, 2015
9 Classroom Crisis Ep 9 Title Joyless Victory
Kanki Naki Shōri
August 28, 2015
10 Classroom Crisis Ep 10 Title Director Nagisa Kiryu
Jōmu Kiryu Nagisa
September 4, 2015
11 Classroom Crisis Ep 11 Title To Each His Own Rebellion
Sorezore no Gyakushū
September 11, 2015
12 Classroom Crisis Ep 12 Title Hope, Ambition, and Despair
Kibō to Yabō to Zetsubō to
September 18, 2015
13 Classroom Crisis Ep 13 Title The Greatest Presentation in History
Shijō Saidai no Purezen
September 25, 2015

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