Chocolove McDonell main image
Chocolove McDonell
Kanji チョコラブ・マクダネル
Rōmaji Chokorabu Makudaneru
Aliases Joco
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Affiliations Shaft
Five Elemental Warriors
Teams Team "The Ren" (Manga)
Team Yohs-Yohs (Anime)
Manga Shaman King Volume #13: Chapter #109
Anime Shaman King Episode #37
Japanese Motoko Kumai
English Matthew George

Chocolove is an American Shaman from New York City whose goal in the Shaman King tournament is to become the world's greatest comedian.


An African American Shaman from New York. Chocolove was orphaned at an early age leaving him to grow up on the streets. Some after he joined a street gang called Shaft, during this time he became extremely cold hearted not even flinching to kill. After killing a man on Christmas with his gang members from Shaft. Chocolove walks alone on the streets, reflecting on the horrible murder of his parents on Christmas day years ago (this resentment of the day and humankind is why he shot the man mentioned earlier). After making a little comment, a stranger (Olona) appears and makes a pun with a sight gagusing fake blood. Chocolove shoots his gun, but Olona dodges all his shots. Saying that he could not use laughter to help Chocolove, Olona uses his oversoul with Mic to punch him. Chocolove laughs at Olona's comment about using laughter to save the world and that he can see Mic forges a relationship between the two.

Chocolove's spirt is Mic Jaguar which was passed down to him when Olona died he gains a second spirit guardian named Pascal Avaf. With the power of Pascal Avaf, Chocolove can create his armor oversoul, Jaguarman. Chocolove killed Redseb's and Seyram's father (the man he killed on Christmas) before he repented under his teacher. He went blind in order to atone for his sins. He also became the strongest of the Five Elemental Warriors, and gained the Spirit of Wind. (Origin story of Chocolove starts in Vol. 13 and end in Vol. 14)


Chocolove, who is created by Hiroyuki Takei, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him.


"I hate Christmas because all the worst scum comes out on Christmas"

Gangster Chocolove - Vol. 13 - to his gang In the flashback, Chocolove's personality and purpose change when he meets Olona. Due to his family is killed by a robber, Chocolove becomes a harden gangster thug who will kill others without mercy. After meeting Olona, he quit his gang life, but his gang kills Olona. With the death of Olona, Chocolove develops his oversoul, Gags of Wind (Ayers Rock in his first match in the Tokyo Tournament). Now, Chocolove's goal is to become the world's greatest comedian and to free the world with laughter.

Story Arc

Note: All information in the Story Arcs are manga only. See anime under "anime and manga differences sections.

Journey to America for a period of 3 months (Patch Tribe's Test)

Note: Chocolove's journey is not revealed in the manga since he makes his first appearance in the Patch Village. (He makes a cameo appearance in Vol. 9 when every shaman's picture is posted.)

After Yoh has reunited with Anna, Chocolove and Mic appear when he comments about Yoh bringing his girlfriend to the tournament. At first, Chocolove's puns make Yoh and his gang ignore him. When Chocolove tries to explains the new event rules, Ren asks his name. After Chocolove tells Ren his name, Ren stabs his nose. Despite that Chocolove's puns continue to irritate Ren and Horohoro, he gets the chance to give out his info when Anna and Yoh agree to listen to him. Chocolove explains that they have to make a three-member teams, and if anyone fails to join a team, they get disqualified. After Hao and his followers make their appearance, Chocolove explains that there are three big forces in the tournament which are Hao's team, the X-Laws, and the Gandara (a Buddhist group). He states that about 70% of the shamans are a part of these there forces. Also, each of the three big forces have a kami class shaman in them. After Chocolove has finished his explanation, he introduces that he has a keen nose (thanks to Mic) and an ability to find information. Chocolove tells them that his goal is to become the world's greatest comedian. When Ren makes Ryu and Horohoro choose to join his team, Ryu tells Ren that he will join only if Lyserg is there. Chocolove finds out that Ren has recruited him and Horohoro on his team. He sees Ren going off to train and prepare for the tournament.

Chocolove tags along with Horohoro; they try to get along. He learns more about Faust when Yoh sees Manta sitting on Faust's lap. At the diner, Chocolove finds out more about Faust and how demented he is when one of guys mentioned that he cuts up a person's stomach. After the diner, Chocolove rides with his teammates in Kalim's helicopter (which is actually an oversoul) to Tokyo.

Back to Tokyo for the First Tournament Event

Chocolove's team fight Hao's team Tsuchi Gumi (Earth) in the first match of the tournament. After Radim announces the match to begin, Ren wants Chocolove to fight them first as BoZ charges at Chocolove. Chocolove dodges their Chimi-chimi-moryo attack; he reveals his ability and becomes the jaguar. With the speed of the jaguar, Chocolove evades BoZ's attack and defeats them with ease. However, Peyote uses BoZ's unconscious bodies as his spirit mediums to attack Chocolove. When Chocolove gets pass BoZ and attempts to attack Peyote, Peyote's other spirit ally, Antonio, smacks Chocolove. This enrages Chocolove when he tells him that he cannot bear to kill another person again.

Chocolove's flashback begins during this match and reveals his origin story. (This is already explained in the origin section) After Chocolove's flashback ends, Chocolove unleashes his oversoul, Ayers Rock. When everyone realizes the punchline that Chocolove's belly button resembles Ayers Rock, Peyote commands his puppets to attack. However, Chocolove's gags of wind has made Peyote's spirits laugh uncontrollably. After Chocolove falls down due to exhausting his mana, Ren attacks Peyote with Bason's fists since Peyote's spirits are unable to defend him. Chocolove gets Ren's approval when Ren's team wins the match. Chocolove feels that he has did it; without Chocolove noticing, Olona, who was watching the whole time, is proud of Chocolove and tells him to polish his humor.

Chocolove and his team spectate the second match which is Team X-III vs. Team Nile. Chocolove witness Lady Jeanne's "justice" as she murders Anatel and then his teammates. When Manta faints from the bloodshed, Chocolove rushes to help him and calls for medic. At the cafeteria, Chocolove and his team join Yoh's group to eat with them. He observes Yoh (who makes himself look conceited by accident) states that he will beat his opponents with one big hit due to Anna's training and the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu. After Yoh and his team leave to prepare for their match, Horohoro, who overheard that Pino of Team Ice Men's words, tells him to back off and wait to fight Yoh. Suddenly, Chocolove gets attack by Team Ice Men who uses him as their demonstration of their powers. Zria traps Chocolove in water; Pino freezes Chocolove. As Cardimahide tries to break Chocolove who is frozen, Horohoro tries to help Chocolove. He sees Horohoro get freeze by Pino who states that he and his team live in more colder climates than Horohoro.

After Chocolove's teammates help himself recover, he and Horohoro watch the third match of the tournament which is team Funabari hot springs versus Team Ice Men. Chocolove watches Yoh and his team in awe since their mana and oversoul are enormous. The third match ends with Yoh destroying Team Ice Men's colossal iceberg.

After match four ends and match five begins on day two of the tournament, Chocolove watch Hao Asakura (head of team Hoshi (Star)) fighting Team X-III of the X-Laws. After Hao has killed Team X-III and devoured their souls, Chocolove finds out that Yoh is related to Hao since they share the same last name.

At the bridge, Chocolove and Horohoro walk with Ren. He asks Horohoro if they can still make their own destiny despite that Hao will win. Horohoro replies that he does not know. Out of nowhere, Mikihisa explains that power is necessary to create destiny and that Hao has the most power of everyone. Mikihisa challenges Ren to teach him the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, and Chocolove watches his teammate struggle and lost to Mikihisa. He greets Ren by the river once Ren wakes up. Chocolove and Horohoro enjoys Mikihisa's barbecue, yet Ren still mopes and asks Mikihisa why powerful adults let children fight their battles. Mikihisa replies that children have not reach their potential and can grow powerful, and Chocolove is eager to learn the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, but Mikihisa tells him that he can teach it through combat only.

Nichrom and Magna appears; Magna informs Mikihisa that they hunting his teammates' souls. After Ren persuades Mikihisa to go help his team, Chocolove watch Ren's battle. Yet, Nichrom's words about his brother, Chrom, shatters Ren's concentration which Peyote kills him. Chocolove and Horohoro attack Hang Zang and Mohamed. After Mohamed uses his beam attack, Chocolove uses his speed to get Ren to safety while Horohoro patches Ren's chest with ice. Chocolove and his friend get shocked when one Hao's followers tell him their true mana level, 2,000. When Horohoro and Chocolove is about to get the final blow, he sees Yoh defeat Hang Zang, Mohamed, and Peyote with one strike of his oversoul.

Epilogue Arc (vol. 19-23)

After Yoh has agree to Lady Jeanne's proposal, Chocolove smacks Yoh for quitting his dream, and Horohoro tells Yoh to promise him that Ren gets revived. Along the way to the beach, Chocolove tries to comfort Horohoro by giving jokes, but he fails. Chocolove ends up going to the fortress where Yoh, Ren, and the others are. Suddenly, Lyserg barges in with Horohoro. Yet, their reunion is short lived when Peyote attacks Yoh and gang. Chocolove hitches a ride on Faust's Mephisto oversoul, and Ren attacks Hang Zang and almost hits Chocolove in the process. As they retreat to get Team Ice Men safe and leaving Ryu, Chocolove hears Yoh's words: "If you hurt people, they'll hurt you back."Chocolove decides to visit his gang, and he stumbles upon their dead bodies and blood all over the ground. He finds Redseb who tells him that his gang killed his father on Christmas Eve three years ago.

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